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NEFASTT Interview

  • USBMS interview with NEFASTT 


    Xastur:   When was the band formed and by who? Do any of the members have any past musical history before forming Nefastt?

    Havoc Vulturus:   NEFASTT was conceived by GUILLOTINE and me (HAVOC VULTURUS) in 2003. We remained a two-piece for four years, then after several failed attempts with unmotivated or unefficient musicians we welcomed DAALBERITH from the late ANIMUS HERILIS. About our musical background Guillotine was one founding member of SENONS (RIP),  which I joined in 2001, and I also played in MALCUIDANT. SENONS was more pagan oriented.

    Xastur:   Who chose the name Nefastt and why? What are each members duties within the band?


    Havoc Vulturus:   The name came naturally to us as it matches the feeling we wanted to create (Néfaste is french for harmful). As for each one's duties, Guillotine (drums) handles the rhythms, tempos and structures and plays bass on the demo, while I (guitars) write the music and lyrics, and manage the contact side (internet, gigs...). Vocals are shared between both of us, depending on the mood of the tracks. Finally Daalberith (guitars, in the band since early 2009) harmonizes the riffs, takes on some of the lead guitar parts and takes part to the new songs.

    Xastur:   For those who have not heard your music please describe your sound. Does your music contain any kind of message which you hope to put across to the listener?


    Havoc Vulturus:   We simply describe our sound as "RAW". I think this word sums up pretty well our music and our state of mind. Now each one has to judge for himself, for me Black Metal is about individual thinking and feeling. We don't have any message to give, only Hate and glorification of Evil !


    Xastur:   What are the main influences on both your music and your lyrics? Are there any bands who you would say have influenced you?


    Havoc Vulturus:   We have obviously been marked by the 90' Norwegian scene, bands such as Mayhem, Burzum, Darthrone, Emperor, Immortal will always remain among our influences, willingly or not... We are also influenced by France's Black Legions, and have great respect for bands such as WATAIN, INQUISITION, DEATHSPELL OMEGA, ARCHGOAT.

    Xastur:   What draws you personally to the Black Metal genre? Is it the harshness of the music, or the grim and woeful atmospheres, or the dark subjects which B.M lyrics tend to deal with? Or maybe, for you, it is something else?

    Havoc Vulturus:   It is a logical and obvious evolution, a relentless and powerful march towards darkness. Black Metal flows through our veins, our mind is fully dedicated to the glorification of evil, the appeal of the unsane and extreme.

    Xastur:   France has a great wealth of excellent Black Metal from all styles of the genre. What are your thoughts on why France in particular is so consistent in producing quality B.M bands?


    Havoc Vulturus:   We indeed had some great names in the past, and some special styles of music have been created in the french underground scene. Why France especially I couldn't really tell. Still there are lots of crappy bands, which bear no identity or integrity, it's each one's part to sort the true ones from the false. Good black metal gigs are rare here, and concert halls are often deserted. In spite of this, you can still find some really good formations not yet emerged from the shadows, in which I hold real hope and respect.


    Xastur:   On to your current release, simply titled 'Nefastt'. Would you like to say a few words about it?


    Havoc Vulturus:   It is a MCD with 4 titles composed between 2003 and 2005. We have had some difficulties during the recording process, then we sent the final mix to our friend from the german label BLACKMOON RECORDS. But after this the manufacturing company almost went off business and we had to wait another year for the CD to finally be available.

    Xastur:   What is your recording process? Is it studio, home recording, or a mixture of both?


    Havoc Vulturus:   For the MCD we recorded everything ourselves with the gear we had, only the mastering was done by a pro. Our next record will probably be done differently, the experience we earned these last years and the contacts we've made will help, but nothing is clear yet.

    Xastur:   How have your live shows been received? Do you employ any stage props or 'theatrics' in your live set, as some B.M bands do?


     Havoc Vulturus:   For now we only have played two shows as NEFASTT. Feedback was good despite some technical problems. Our scene show is as simple as possible, we don't bother about stage props, only music counts.


    Xastur:    Do you have any goals you would like to achieve with the band? And what is next for Nefastt? Any plans for a full-length album or more shows?


    Havoc Vulturus:   The schedule for 2010 is well-filled. First we are playing as openers for the NACHT DEN DRAUHENDEN SCHATTEN in february in Speyer, Germany. It's an excellent festival, we will play along with bands like OFFERMOD,UNANIMATED,CHRISTICIDE,MALHKEBRE.. Good people, good bands and plenty of alcohol ! Then in spring we will work on the next record, it will be a 5 or 6 track album.


    Thank you to Havoc Vulturus for getting in touch and giving the chance for this interview.


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