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Interview with Satani Infernalis

Hailz and thank you doing this interview for USBMS


1. Can you update us with what is going on with Satani Infernalis ?

Dantalian: I have been finishing up the last track for the new album, as well as the final mixing and mastering of the finished tracks. There is a limited release vinyl coming up with Thanatos Records (formely Project Omega Music). The CD release should be out shortly after. I have no intention on slowing down with producing new black metal. There will be lots more on the way.

2. How would you describe the musical sound of the newer release?

Dantalian: The newer material is similar to the older songs, but now the arrangements are better, the vocals are how I want them, as well as the new material has a more crisp sound. I don't like the guitars to sound like a bunch of noise. All around the music has evolved.

3. What are some of the lyrical topics and subjects that the newer music explores?

Dantalian: The lyrics are all loosely based around a concept of apocalypse, and a satanic rule. The lyrics do very from performing ritual, to the apocalypse itself, war, hate, occultism. The lyrics topics usually don't change much, but the writing, and structure do improve.

4. What is the meaning and inspiration behind the name Satani Infernalis? 

Dantalian: Satani Infernalis is a latin term meaning, "Satan Infernal." I'm a Satanist. The name is really my respect to the dark energies.

5. Do you have any other projects, or is this a full time project?

Dantalian: I am actually writing material for a metal project. It's called The Silver Serpent Cult. I'm doing some vocals, and all guitars. I'm working with Colette Claire on lead vocals. That's a bit different from Satani, but still heavy as fuck.

6. In the past you have worked with other musicians, and now are a one man project, do you have any plans with working with other musicians in the future?

Dantalian: Of course. I would prefer to have a full line up for Satani. It always seems that to move forward I have to do everything myself. I hope to find the right people to play with.

7.What direction do you see the music heading into during the future?

Dantalian: Definitely more technical. Not that I'll be sacrificing the atmosphere, just enhancing it. Hopefully get a full line up to work with and expand this propaganda machine.

8.Satani Infernalis recently made a deal with Project Omega music(Thanatos Records). How did this deal come about, How has it worked out thus far, and what do you expect from them in the future?

Dantalian: Lloyd approached me after he listened to the myspace tracks. Unfortuanately the parent label backed out on him. The label is now a new fresh label. So far Lloyd has gotten Satani Infernalis radio play, and has a vinyl release in the works. He plans to expand into CD's and merch in time. I like the label. All good metal labels started small. I see the future looking good for both Satani and the label. Hopefully in the future we will have tour support as well.

9. How have black metal fans worldwide react to the musical sound that has came out of your releases?

Dantalian: Satani has some pretty die hard fans all over the world. I get a lot of requests for Satani to play in Austria, Germany, Norway, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, well you get the point. I am working on getting a show in Dennmark hosted by Nigrum Serpentis. Travel arrangements and line up problems have postponed this temporarily though. The fans react positively.

10. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music and also what are you listening to nowadays?

Dantalian: I have a long list of influences. Emperor, Dark Fortress, Sargeist, Behexen, Gravespawn, etc. Styles include some death metal, good black metal, classical, you get it.

11. How would you describe your views on Satanism or Occultism?

Dantalian: That's a really long answer. I'll give you basics. I'm an individual Satanist. I have a satanic philosophy that is not like any of the organized Satanic groups. I don't believe any one way to view something is right. Satanism is suppose to be the opposite. Question all things. My Satanic study and philosophy are diverse in many differents ideas. I'm working on writing a book about it. That's on the back burner right now.

12. Outside of music what are some of your interests?

Dantalian: Writing, and Movies. Mainly horror films. I'm a huge horror movie fan. Art.

13. Any final words or thoughts before we close this interview?

Dantalian: Sure. Buy the album! Haha. Great booze, great sex, great smoke, and BLACK FUCKING METAL!!!!


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1- Please introduce yourself and give a brief history ( or long one! ) of
' Teutoburg Forest ' ..........

Teutoburg Forest is one mans expression, as he treads the Left Hand Path. Born during September of 2006. Originally created by Donn and Kriegner as a true LHP project, but due to a pitiful conurbation from Kriegner, Donn decided to continue Teut as a solo project, preforming all instrumental roles. Producing the first album (Chao ab Ordo) by Easter 2007. Donn then created Teuts second album (Anti-Subhuman Scum) during the summer of 2007. Deciding that it was time to take the project live, Donn began recruiting sessions members, and between march-may of 2008 Teut performed various shows around the north west (of the UK). During this time the third album (Cult of the Individual) was produced and soon after the fourth (Scarification) by the end Easter 2008. Since May Teut has returned to a solo project once more and is currently working on new material.

2-What inspires you to create music ? What is the main force behind
' Teutoburg Forest ' ?

 Antinomian emotions. My utter detest for cosmos, humanity and the bastard gods.

3 - How would you classify your style ?

I would have to classify Teut as Black Metal, but not for its sound. Many class black metal via an image or sound, but BM is much more. BM is a mindset, a way of life. It is truly Left Hand Path (Satanic) music because it is the opposite of the orthodox music. When bands start playing untuned, off chord riffs, with a vocalist that just screams, and play simply from the heart (or the self in the case of true satanic music) it was saying fuck you to established conception of music. It is rebelling. In many ways its very similar to the punk movement before it which was trying to do the same, with the 'sex pistols' where johny rotten couldn't sing, and sid vicious couldn't play the bass. And they sung of anti establishment/royalty (which was very offensive to the general public then) Its more than music, its a idea, its emotion, which if you think about it, is what music is designed to be, an expression of emotion. Not a piece that you can tap your foot to and say 'this is pleasant', true music makes you cry, want to stand up and hit the person next to you, it creates such a powerful sense of being, that one cannot control ones own emotions. So You could see BM as one of the highest forms of music, but not in the sense of these arrogant subhumans, who deem music to be notes, and chords. If an individual can only portray emotion via means taught to him, then they are not his/her emotions. They are the persons who created those chords are they not? therefore that individual is not a creative, but one who reproduced what others have created before him/her because it is apparently pleasing to the majority, they have not the skill (or the courage) to create their own sense of portraying personal creativity. Yes it may sound like another before them, but if they did not know of that other, then it is still their creation, because they are all made of the same clay, so similarities may occur, but at least it would be of their expression, and not consciously repetition. That is why the concept of Christian BM is so hilarious. They see BM as a style of music, a sound and image where the philosophy behind it can be changed. Christianity is that of the Right Hand Path, and so worships order, and stagnation. BM is a the opposer and an expression of the self which knows not the lie of light. So what are they opposing? the natural order which they worship? Though it seems that they have more right to sing about hating humanity and slaughtering millions, because thats what they have done have they not? but still, there can never be RHP BM, for BM is a LHP expression in its nature. I have always seen the opposition in this reality, always looking at existence from many prospectives to find its true light (or as I have found shadow). And so I create BM, Though I did not set out to sound like any existing bands, I created from the self and BM was the result, for BM is the greatest form ''music'' that expresses anti-cosmic emotion, it is the greatest form of rebellion. I do not know how to play any of the instruments (in an orthodox manner) I have never learned a chord, scale, drum beat. Everything that is Teutoburg Forest was born form the self, and so is free from any form of restriction, not a regurgitation of another perspective of what sounds pleasant to the ear, but a true sound of Kaos (freedom)

4- Take us into your creative process.... How do you create your art from an idea to a completed song ?

 I pick up the guitar play until I found a riff that makes me either shudder in fear, cry with pain, tremble with anger and I will play that riff many times over. If it still produces the same emotion after hours of playing, as it did when first strung, then I place it in a teut song. You must understand that every note of teut is of pure emotion, it comes from the depth of the self. Its not designed to be technically pleasing (which is see as a way of restricting the flow of creativity/freedom of self). Once the guitar structure is put down, then its drums, bass and vocals are last. Though the instruments go through the same process as the guitar, the vox is much more spontaneous i.e. for the song 'As the ego dissolves' that was one take, without any rehearsals, and that is the vocal track you hear on the final product. Such expressions of the self can not be rehearsed. The vocals for teut are very similar to the utterance of baneful magic, where the strength of the emotion is the key component to the ritual, not the perfect memorization of a sequence and pronunciation of words. and seeing the main force behind teut is my detest for cosmos/ humanity that I apply the means of cursing it/you all in the production of this music.

5 - Any new material you are working on ? Any live shows coming up ?

 The fifth album is underway, but do to my commitments to other projects and other elements in my life, it may be a while before the fifth is released, though I must say what is produced so far is the greatest expression of self to date. There are no live shows planned for the future.

6- Share with us a little about your first gig ... What did it feel like to reveal your art to the world for the first time ?? How was your music received ?

 Teuts first gig was outstanding. It was my first with any form of band. So obviously nervous, but it was well planned. I was flanked by two six foot inverted crucifixes with personal symbols carved and burnt into them. There was only two of us, me (guitar and vox) and Lord (drums). I wanted to keep it small, because this was an expression of the individuals self, and so the fewer the number, the more representative of the nature of the band. With an eery intro and a small basement filled with smoke and candles, I walked on the stage, lit the crucifixes and with two six foot cross burning either side of me I screamed 'Hail Azerate' and the performance began. The gig was received very well described by kriegner as 'violently grym' and by others as 'that is how black metal should be''. Though These were flattering remarks, I didn't feel that teut was being portrayed in the manner that I wished live. This style of music is best in listened to on your own. Its an individuals expression, and so should be on a one on one basis, and that's why I chose to revert Teut back to a none giging project.

7- Any message behind the music ?? Do you include your personal beliefs and life experiences into your music ??

 Absolutely. This is an individuals expression whilst walking the LHP. It is extremely anti-cosmic yet esoteric. Ones progression on his/her path is only of consequence to the individual. As explained by the song 'Prodesse Quam Conspici' (to do good rather than be conspicuous) show that the good can only be attained for yourself and for yourself, to produce actions to noticed by others is a sign of personal inability to achieve self content . If you need to prove to others to get a sense of achievement, then you are pathetic. You only need yourself seeing that you are the one who created the reality that you perceive, and its only you who can destroy the restrictions placed there, by you. The LHP is a lonely path, but that of the elite (who wants to be in company of slave). And so yes there are many messages and meanings behind teut, but only for me to know, for it is of no consequence for others to.

8 - Tell us a little about your logo and band name ?? Who came up with the name ' Teutoburg Forest ' and the design for the logo ?

 The name derives from the battle of Teutoburg Forest in Teutoburg Forest (Germania) in 9 c.e. where three roman legions under the command of Publius Quinctilius Varus were massacred by an alliance of Germanic tribes led by Arminius. This set the boundary of the roman empires expansion into northern Europe. If we apply this in a anti-cosmic sense, then we can see the Romans as the forces of order, and the Germanic (barbarians) as the forces of chaos (freedom) (pre-order). Order attempted to destroy freedom, yet they were defeated and were eventually destroyed by what they once tried to subdue. This could be seen as the bastard gods attempt to control chaos but failed and so they created the universe to escape the wrath of freedom, but eventually it will fall. So the universe which each of us creates can be destroyed via the self, and in doing so will return to chaos (freedom).
The logo was designed by Donn and like everything else he does, its full of messages. You may notice the two inverted crucifixes at the base, the number two is very significant since 1 and 10 is cosmic, 2 and 11 are anti-cosmic (2 made up of 1+1=11 and being of universe B, B being 2) the number two also symbolizes the mother and father of chaos (Tiamat and Absu) destroying cosmos (represented by inverting of the crucified jesus christ) which can be affiliated with cosmic order (seeing that the right hand path is the worship of cosmos and the bastard gods). The inverted pentagram in the center of the logo represents the central focus of the project being that of individual progression via the LHP and an expression of the self which is hidden deep within the unconscious (so if this logo was to be seen from the side, it would be a cone where the central pentagram would be at the base, hidden away from the light created to blind us). You may notice the whole logo makes up a inverted triangle. Each point representing the three dark veils (tohu, bohu, chasek) which lead the individual back to Primal Chaos (suggesting that through this project Donn is attempting to open paths to return to ain sof). And the gap of the top is left so that when I wear the Teut T-shirt, the inverted pentagram I wear can sit within the logo on my chest (you've got to take that sort of thing into account).

9 - You have mentioned other projects .... Can you share a little with us about what you have been up to ?

 I am currently participating in many projects of my own and with other people.
There's 'Torch of Darkness' which I play drums, guitar, bass and preform vox for with Nahmaid (from New Zeland) on guitar. This is my second major project (after teut) and is again another black metal band seeing that it is created from the self, and not trying to sound like any other project. Though in it we do cover a buzum and von song, this was the first time I have covered any others music, and i dare say it will be the last. This project has received much positive feedback and the full length album recanting the tale of Cain is already underway.
I preform vocals for 'Rape of Orchis' a project created by a great musician called chris, now in London (UK). This has a great theme, taken from the story of orchis from Greek mythology. Basically he tried to rape a priestess and was killed for his lust. This project is a great mixture of black and generic metal, and it should be going live soon.
Another project which I preform vocals for is 'Uncle Ghost' created by Chirs Hendrick from liverpool (UK). This band is heavily inspired by annal nathrakh, so incorporating grind core with black metal. Very interesting and challenging to apply vox to though I am very happy with the outcome. Chris is an outstanding composer.
Another project from the creator of 'Uncle Ghost' is 'ShulkSkull' which is much more black metal and the new material sounds heavily influenced from the USBM scene, sounding very Xasthurish. I preform vocals for this project and look forward to seeing the the final outcome.
I will be preforming live guitar for an esoteric project called 'Abyssian Desolation'. This is a true LHP project and Im very excited to be part of a project other than my own that has strong religious content associated to it.
Another project that may take for named 'Wanderer' from Norwich (UK) which is an ambient/ down tempo project. I have been asked to preform guitar and bass for this which I am looking forward to seeing that i truly love ambient music.
Other than these cooperative projects. I have many other solo projects under way including a death metal, grind core, dance music, doom, and a truly emotional project called 'Love' (purely instrumental) which I don't know how to describe. The reason for so many projects is that one project is not enough to sustain the flow of free creation. It is limitless and so many variations of sound are created, which are channeled into various projects. All of these personal projects will be posted soon.

10 - How is the BM scene in your area ? Fan base ??

 I wouldn't know much of the BM scene around my area, for I live a hermetical existence up in the hills of Wales. Though I know of a few who like BM (maybe 2 people). So you could say its very good here. I detest metalers, whom are very pretentious. Its seems that the more bands you know the more metal you are. and so if you don't know the scene underground bands then you are not a true metaler. I will tell you now I do not know that many bands, I don't spend my time looking for others, I use it to produce my own music (that's why im apart of so many projects). And if I were to have a conversation with one of these metaler, they would look down at me simply because I don't know the bands he/she on about. If all you have to be proud of is the knowledge of other people achievements, then you are a subhuman, be proud of the achievements you have attained IE for a metaler's boast about the bands you have produced, not the ones you heard cause zero tolerance told you it was good.

11 - What is your opinion of the U.S. BM scene ??

 Talking about scenes, U.S.B.M seems to be hitting the nail on the head. Bands like xasthur, leviathan etc are examples of what an individual can attain. Malefic is extremely anti metal society because he realized it full of pricks. And yet he is producing some of the most emotional music in the metal world. Same with Wrest. It shows the strength of the individual if one has the will. Not only these infamous projects, but what I have heard of the very underground (ie myspace) U.S.B.M it is outstanding. Personally I think the U.S artist are making some of the best BM in the world, but as I said before, its got nothing to do with the fact they are American, they are individuals who happen to live there.

12-What does the future hold for ' Teutoburg Forest ' ? Long term goals ?? Hopes ?

 Teut will continue until I choose to end this cosmic existence. My goals and hopes are simply to continue expressing the self via art. so expect many more albums to come.


13- Anything else you would like to share? please feel free to do so....!

 I would like to explain the term 'Elitist, Satanic, Anti-Cosmic Black Metal'. Many have asked if I am a white supremacist simply because of the term Elitist. I would like to clarify this statement. I use the term Elitist to explain that there is an elite within existence, not due to race or religion, but of individuals. If all you have to be proud of is the color of your skin or the faith you were born into then you obviously have achieved nothing with your life to be personally proud of, and must really on others achievements to feel a sense of pride within yourself. The same with national pride. Why are people proud of the fact that their country has done well at lets say the word cup? did they actually take part in the game? did they achieve anything? no, they are so pathetic they must leech off the coattails of those with the strength to achieve their dreams. These people are subhumans. The elite are those who use their will to attain the goals they themselves set out in life. Im not here to tell you to change your life, because of what consequence is it to me if you do anything with your life? this is what I live by.
The term satanic is a simplification of the Left Hand Path, seeing that even without the creation of Christianity and the term Satan, satanism (the LHP) would still exist.
Anti-Cosmic because this is the true branch of satanism, not a false like the church of Satan. The church of Satan worships carnal desire, pleasures of the flash. The flesh was the creation of the bastard gods to worship them. In worshiping the carnal self, one is worshiping the universe we exist within and so worshiping the light of lie that the bastard gods put in front of us. They take pleasure in the universe, therefor are the enemy of satan/lucifer/ chaos. For how can one be satisfied within this realm of restriction? I am never content or never will be with the restrictions set upon me. I will destroy cosmos and return to freedom!
Black Metal simply because it is an expression of true emotion (as described previously in the interview).
Hail Azerate

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1- Please introduce yourself and give us a brief history of ' A Transylvanian Funeral ' .......

This is Sojurner from A Transylvanian funeral.

2- Tell us what you have been up to lately...albums , songs , shows , releases......

Well lately we've pretty much just been in the writing process, We're shooting for 13 songs for the full length.

3- Take us into your creative process.. Who writes the lyrics ? How does a song take shape once you have an initial idea ?

Well As far as lyrics go we both write lyrics, it seems to me that I write the majority, not to take anything away from Sleepwalker though!

4-One of my favorites ' Hammer of the Witch ' ..!! Can you tell me a little about this song..Who wrote it ? What inspired you ?

 That song is actually fairly old and was re-worked to fit in with what we we're trying to do musically. Sleepwalker wrote that one solely, so he could,and probably has answered that one better than I have! lol

5-I see that you have Crowley , LaVey and Nietzsche listed amongst your inspirations.... Very powerful men . In what way has their work inspired you ?

We've both read, and agree with a lot of what Lavey has said and written. I believe I have a little more of the anti-Christian perspective than Sleepwalker does. And as far as Nietzsche goes, I've read quite a few of his books. My favorite probably being, The Genealogy of Morals. He talks about how we have come to value the things that we, as civilized people, value. Compassion, empathy, how we value weakness basically, as opposed to the valued things of the past, vitality, strength, which have been deemed sinful by the Christian ilk.

6-What band or artist has inspired you the most to create BM ?

 I personally would have to say that my favorite band, and one of the bigger influences would have to be Marduk. The intensity and ferocity, both musically and lyrically. I've always been into the more extreme music. Belphegor is an influence also. I would say musically though we seem to write rather melodic Black Metal, more in the vein of The Abyss or maybe even some Burzum.

7-What are your future plans for ' A Transylvanian Funeral ' ?

 Domination!!! What else?? lol

8-How is your music received in your area ?

Well the people that have heard it seem to really appreciate it. The majority of our listeners seem to be on-line for now. Waiting until we can release a full length. We have passed out several 3 song "demo" discs that seem to be really well accepted.

9-How does your music reflect you as an artist ?

Always been attracted to the darker side of life, and art. Music to please me, as an individual. If others like it that's great But like to write songs that please me.


10-What do you find the most useful way to promote your art ? Well right now the most useful way to promote our stuff is the internet.

11- Do you or do you plan to play any live shows ? Of course we do. One big thing holding us back on that is the lack of a real drummer! Rather tough to find around here, but it will come together.

12-In closing , is there anything else you would like to mention ? I would like to say thank you for letting us answer these questions for you, and we appreciate any, and all support!


1- Please introduce yourself and give us a brief history of ' A Transylvanian Funeral ' .......

This is the Sleepwalker...
ATF started maybe four months ago...Sojurner picked up his custom 7 string and started playing what became 'Asmoday Unbound'. I heard something in it...something very simple but very moving and decided we should put some drums on it, write some words and record it. It was done either that day or the next and we knew we had something good...


2- Tell us what you have been up to lately...albums , songs , shows , releases......

We are focusing ..ing the album...writing more songs and wrapping it up. I own the studio we work in and I have been fairly busy with other projects lately...I want the album done within a month...we are thinking up different things to put with the album, stickers, buttons, lyrics sheets, something to dissuade people from just downloading it, which we will also be making available. We are looking at getting some different merch as well...we think the stuff for sale on myspace with zazzle is a little too expensive...

3- Take us into your creative process.. Who writes the lyrics ? How does a song take shape once you have an initial idea ?

With some songs, we write the lyrics together and on others we don't...Sometimes I will have lyrics and just set them to music or Sojurner will write lyrics to the music. Other than a few instances, I have written all the songs as far as instrumentation. Sojurner is a better singer than me, so I like it when he focuses on the lyrics.
I try to use the studio as a tool...I'll write a riff or three and change their key or feel, change the feel of the drums behind them and see how well they fit together. Usually, I get the results I want after a little tweaking of the feel and key structure.

4-One of my favorites ' Hammer of the Witch ' ..!! Can you tell me a little about this song..Who wrote it ? What inspired you ?

That is a song I wrote years ago and was playing in a different band. It always stood out and was a crowd favorite...I wrote the words and music...the words haven't changed but the music has slightly...the intro is new and the bridge is different. This is definitely the best version of the song I have done.
The song is about a witch who is at war or hunting another witch. I see no reason for evil to coexist with evil. Black magic versus black magic. I got the title from the 15th century book 'Malleus Maleficarum', written by two Inquisitors.

5-I see that you have Crowley , LaVey and Nietzsche listed amongst your inspirations.... Very powerful men . In what way has their work inspired you ?

 Sojurner is more experienced with Nietzsche...while I am anit-christian and anti-religion like Sojurner said, I do believe in a power in the universe that goes beyond flesh. Most people call that power god but to me it is ambivalent...Power does not discriminate between good and evil. Crowley definitely is responsible for opening my mind about that; in ways that is futile to describe...knowing power is a personal experience, an understanding...religion is a herd mindset, brainwashing to meet the needs of an idea not an individual, which is something that I like about LaVey, he exposes all that...christian religion denies the pleasures of the flesh, and I, like LaVey, find that to be foolish.

6-What band or artist has inspired you the most to create BM ?

Probably bands that are not BM or death metal...I hate the commercial aspect of music...I think artists should get paid but it has become just a means to an end...I write and listen to a very wide variety of music but there are trends in music and marketing agendas that make me sick...kids are seeing artist sing more about buying Pepsi than they are the artist's own music...metal used to be dangerous to a lot of people and now it is watered down and mass marketed...
I was ready to turn my back on metal and focus on other shit because of that but I thought differently after Asmoday was done. I decided to make the heaviest, fastest and most evil music I could...I know a lot of bands say that, and to me it is a very worn out cliche, but it is very true...

7-What are your future plans for ' A Transylvanian Funeral ' ?

Finish the album and write another one...we want to find a drummer and play some shows, but we aren't holding our breath on that...I have found in my years of being in bands, the less people you have involved, the better...I sucks relying on other people, right now it is just Sojurner and I and we are getting a lot done...
We are thinking of doing something special....like including a booklet with all the lyrics and pictures and different stuff with the CD release...like an 8.5 x 11" booklet...we'll see...when the music is done we can focus on the packaging and other shit...

8-How is your music received in your area ?

People seem to enjoy it....we go to shows and hand out three song discs with stickers and postcards and give them out at record stores. I think most of our true fans are here online, and we are fine with that...as long as people listen to it, I don't really care if it is because they found us online or at a show or have a vinyl edition or tape of CD...everyone who gives us feedback is really impressed....

9-How does your music reflect you as an artist ?

It is definitely a part of me...like I said, I listen to a lot of different stuff...I own a studio...sometimes I have to listen to music I don't like, sometimes all fucking day! But underneath it all, I enjoy what I do and it beats the alternative...My beliefs and attitude about religion is very blatant and some of my interests are shown in these songs...I was raised to believe in occult things, tarot, numerology, hypnotism, and a lot of that is here with ATF. I am a bit of an extremist in life, and ATF helps represent that...


10-What do you find the most useful way to promote your art ?

Giving the shit away...music is such cannon fodder to so many people...people don't want to pay for music, which I think is bullshit, but I don't have time to change their minds...if people are really ignorant enough to rip off their favorite artists, I figure they will get what they deserve...Myspace has been a great worldwide portal for us...we met a lot of good people who support us and it is nice to be able to network with fans and other artists so easily.

11- Do you or do you plan to play any live shows ?

If a drummer falls out of the sky and can play this shit, yes...but right now, no...we are focusing  on the album and getting it out...playing live is not at the top of our priority list.

12-In closing , is there anything else you would like to mention ?

Yeah, don't fuck with Infest Productions from Peru, Lalo will rip you fucking off...fuck him!!! Beware!
Thanks to all the fans of our music for supporting us and listening!
Also, thanks to Svartgalgh Records from the Netherlands, Metabolic Records from Wyoming, the United States Black Metal Sect, Marty the Devilman in LA and whoever else I am forgetting...

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Interview with Sacrilegio (Italy)


Interview with Sacrilegio
Done By Xastur USBMS

XASTUR: When was Sacrilegio formed and what inspired you to start the band?

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: "Sacrilegio" was born in the First year of the new millennium by the will of Unhuman Screamer (voice / bass) and Golgotha (drummer).In the third year, Arioch (guitar) joins the band to record the guitar tracks for the debut MCD.
In the Fourth year, Unhuman Screamer stops the project "Sacrilegio" to be the MALIGNANCE's vocalist (R.I.P.).
After two years Unhuman Screamer leaves the MALIGNANCE and brings new life to "SACRILEGIO".
The first full-lenght "La Tradizione Ermetica" born in the eight year
The inspiration came thanks to the passion that I have to music.

XASTUR: How would you describe Sacrilegios sound?

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: I will be trivial, but I find the sound metallic, dark and with a great deal of power. Try to give power was the goal that interested me most. Certainly nothing that we can bring to Death Metal, but trying to move away from the usual sound "Black".

XASTUR: Which bands have been an influence on your music?

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: The groups that have influenced me are the usual names: Immortal, Marduk, Satyricon etc. ...
My ideas come from classical music, both sides more symphony (in La Tradizione Ermetica, La Grande Opera, Veglia Perenne and La Via Del Soffio) for the simple drawing of riff.

XASTUR: What inspirations do you draw on for your lyrics?

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: The disc is a concept on "Hermetic Tradition", an ancient doctrine focuses about alchemy, science initiatory that leads individuals to raise their own spirit as a god.

XASTUR: Names are a great reflection of the artist.
What made you choose the names Unhuman Screamer and Sacrilegio?

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: The name "Unhuman Screamer" taken from the text of my second group (Enshrined). I started my musical singing, it gives me thirteen years. "Sacrilegio" I chose him because of the texts were Mcd something similar to the novel - The 120 days of Sodom - Marchese de Sade, with direct references religion and the Christian church.

XASTUR: Tell me about the work you have released so far.

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: "La Tradizione Ermetica" is composed of nine tracks fucking Black Metal. Time quickly vomiting on the face. The parties are important symphony breath and give the listener not to have a disc boring. The item is the classic "scream" set mainly on low tone, the composition is varied tracks, the guitar easy to listen to the melody of better work riff.
It'll be little modern but I want to go straight to the point and release beasts in my brain creating a soundtrack for any man angry with the world!

XASTUR: Do you have any new releases planned?

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: No, now I want to promote the disc, in the coming weeks out reviews.

XASTUR: What is your recording process? Is it studio, D.I.
Y or a mixture of both?

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: The recordings were performed in my home studio, I used the software to the sounds of guitars, bass and drum programming of the machine. Unfortunately, the production is without money and then I had to arrange with the resources I had available.

XASTUR: There are live photos on your page.
Who are your live session musicians?

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: No, the world Sacrilegio revolves around me, then nothing concerts. The photos you have seen old concert with my past band "Malignance".

XASTUR: How are the band received live? Is there a good audience in Italy for Black Metal?

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: It 'a lot of time does not go to a concert and the turnout of more public case with the big names. For underground band perform my country remains difficult and frustrating.
A few years ago with my old band playing went out of town, the local gave us three in four pizzas a small beer and 50 euro for the expenses!

XASTUR: What is the Black Metal scene in Italy like as a whole? Are there any Black Metal bands from your country you would recommend?


UNHUMAN SCREAMER: I do not follow much the scene Black, in recent years I have withdrawn to privacy, and then not follow much the world that surrounds me. As the council Italian groups Spite Extreme Wings, Sacradis, Malfeitor and Nefarium.

XASTUR: Is there anything you would like to add?

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: Bring the Metal in the tomb! -- UNHUMAN SCREAMER --



by: Mastiphal (USBMS)


(M) HAIL OBSIDIAN! You have a very interesting sound. A combination of old school Darkthrone with newer Black Metal techniques. Do you find more inspiration from older "second wave" Black Metal bands? Or do you see yourself as part of the newest generation of experimental BM projects?

Jeez what a brutal question , I find inspiration from all sorts of music from with in many different genres . As far as finding inspiration from BM is concerned , I would have to say across the board . I mean its such a broad fucking spectrum really . You got new bands that sound like old bands and old bands that sound like new bands I mean WTF . I draw inspiration from Lord Melkor ripping ass for fucks sake from behind the drum throne for fucks sake .

(A)Lord Melkor...
Hail Mastiphal . Thank you for the compliments on our sound . For sure, Darkthrone (old and new) are a inspiration to us . Bands such as Burzum , Samael (old) , early Kreator , early Destruction , Tormentor , Masters Hammer , Immortal , Mayhem , Bathory , Celtic Frost , Hellhammer , Thorns , etc . are some influences . I also like atmospheric ambient music like Coil and Dead Can Dance . I don't really like to much newer black metal unless its bands like Craft or I Shalt Become . As far as seeing myself as a part of a new generation of experimental BM , sure , Id like to think we can still keep the black flame lit .

(M) How did the three of you find each other? Was the attraction to BM simultaneous or did each of you arrive at your current position at different times?

First of all we are not three . King Freyr is what is left of a failed experiment to integrate two new members into the band due to the fact that we had some demand to play live . In the beginning it was just us two and is still just us two although King Frayr does occasionally play bass in our rehearsal's but hasn't contributed anything to the writing process and we are always by ourselves when we write and record . As far as how Lord Melkor and I found , each other we both got a job at the same warehouse a few years back and I approached him and asked him if he was a musician . After numerous attempts to convince him I was a decent guitar player I finally got him over to my house to play and the rest as they say , is history ...

(A)Lord Melkor...
The attraction to BM was there for us each even before we met . When we met , Cerberus was the only guy I ever met in town with a Darkthrone Baphomet shirt . So therefor , I can only say that of course , we had to form a band together and play the music we want to play . And if you are into Astrology , our signs corresponded for a good working partnership . So I guess it just had to happen...

(M) Your guitar riffs are catchy as hell. Tracks like 'Season of the Wolf' and 'Stone God' really make Obsidian stand out from the plethora of other BM bands. How important is/should the technical process be in this sort of project?

(A)Cerberus...Why thank you for the compliment . As far as your question is concerned I guess the best way I can put it is I try to write riffs to serve the music not my ego . Whether or not that means the riff is technical depends on the song or the feeling I am trying to convey depending on the structure and the lyric of the song . If that makes any fucking sense...

(A)Lord Melkor...
I'm glad you like our riffs . " Season Of The Wolf " and " Stone God " are songs that we did in our early stages . We started out with a four - track instrumental tape demo in early ' 06 and later that year released " Season Of The Wolf " as a promo - demo with better recording and vocals . " Stone God " comes from our first album " Obsidian " released in ' 07 . But anyway , I usually come up with a structure and lyrics ( or sometimes Cerberus does ) . I tell Cerberus the kind of tempos and beats I'm looking for . We throw ideas and riffs around until we find something we like . Than we rehearse the song extensively until we know it inside and out . Then , later we go to record it . Cerberus and I almost end up always agreeing on the songs and there processes . Without sounding stupid , its almost telepathic how he ends up choosing riffs that I envisioned before we even finished the song . The riffs always match my drum patterns , weather they be simple or complex...

(M) I noticed that the members of Obsidian wear corpsepaint. What does this seemingly age old practice mean to the individual members of Obsidian? And does it still have the same meaning as it did back in the 80's as far as the scene is concerned?

For me its about getting into character and becoming the entity that is Cerberus full circle . This gives me the liberty and freedom of anonymity , to me Cerberus is my alter ego , Cerberus represents all the passions I am forced to subdue in order to live and work in a society that would otherwise condemn me...

(A)Lord Melkor...
Well,for me,the corpse paint adds to the mysticism and tradition of Black Metal.When I wear the corpse paint of hate and war,I feel as though my dark half manifests into the material world.Lord Melkor is the shadow of my psyche.
I think that corpse paint is also an image which adds an other worldly element to the concept of Obsidian and BM in general . Of course , some bands do not wear corpse paint but still project a grim and dark image in other ways , which is still fine . I mean , look at the eighties and early nineties , the old gods of BM all looked different , which was unique . I think corpse paint had more magic back in the old days , but I also think it is still good for BM today to have this image . It is a sacred tradition for me...

(M) What drives Obsidian to create Black Metal? Is it a hatred for humanity, religion, peace etc..or a combination of the already mentioned?

(A)Lord Melkor...
The creative force for me to create BM is imagination, anger, disgust at the modern world, an escape from this dreary existence, my hatred of humanity " I guess I'm a misanthrope " , mythology, fantasy literature, ancient history, paganism, and my annoyance with all the bullshit organized modern religion has caused . So I guess its a combination of the things you mentioned and more . There are so many posers , fakes , trendies , and followers out there in the metal scene , it makes me want to vomit ! if you like fag bands like HIM , Rap , or some fake Emo-Hot Topic Metal CRAP , STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM US !

Yeah! What he Fucking said!
Id like to consider myself an artist , and Ive always understood that good art represents the time and place it is being created in , and the feeling of the artist creating it , hence the reason I don't go around spray painting fucking rainbows on buildings . I carry around allot of angst, anger, frustration, disgust, hatred, as well as questions, concerns, philosophies, and opinions . BM is the perfect canvas to express the darker colors of the spectrum you Know the greys and the blacks . If it wasn't for BM I would slaughter all the sheep !


(M) Do you feel the future of USBM will ever expand beyond the "basement level"? Granted, bands like Absu and Wolves in the Throne Room have already made a huge impact on the underground BM scene- is there hope for a USBM revival?

Sure, Fuck, it has but its up to these so called kvlt BM artists to make sure they do not compromise there work, direction, beliefs, and most importantly there sound you compromise these things and you may as well become a unic . I mean who wouldn't like to work in some sweet studio somewhere, but I tell you what I will be the one pushing the fucking buttons, and doing the mixing . I'm not about to compromise Obsidian's sound for anybody especially some corporate douche bag . Yeah you can throw your Pro Tools at me and I will probably steel it and pawn it for another ax or some shit than probably record the album on my 8 track . I don't understand this ideology that just because you get a deal you have to suck the evil out of your music...

(A)Lord Melkor...
Well, the USBM movement has expanded beyond the 'basement' level already notice in some magazines that there are USBM bands getting ink.Some of the bands have enough members to play out live and some(like us) are conceptual projects with one or two people running everything.I think it's great that Absu and WITTR have made a mark for themselves in the underground.But underground is the key here for BM,it should stay underground. It is not for everyone,only the few.A USBM revival?I think USBM is still growing and we hope to march along with other bands into the war...

(M) How has your area received the sounds of Obsidian? Have you met any local opposition?

(A)Lord Melkor...
Obsidian has actually received many compliments and interest from people in the area. We don't know if this is good or bad. We feel that Obsidian is for those who want it or those who want to listen to it to understand it. Of course, we cant control who buys our albums. The local shops that do carry our stuff have been fairly supportive and helped promote us with ads and fliers. So we cant really complain. However, we are not going to be for sale at Wal-Mart (empire of deceit and corruption) or some trendy shopping mall. No one has opposed us because no one here understands what we represent so they blindly promote us...

We haven't received any opposition though it is always welcomed, (bring it on if you got the balls). The truth is no one has the balls to do what we are doing in our area at least that I know of. They may want to or aspire to but are afraid to get off the tit. We have heard many times from other musicians within our circle of friends (which is more of a square than a circle) about how they wish they could do what we are doing musically as far as freedom is concerned...

(M) The glory days of Black Metal (as far as church burnings, homicides, and tape trading) are long gone. Do you feel that the internet has perhaps in some small way taken any "bite" out of Black Metal?

(A)Lord Melkor...
The glory days of Black Metal for sure are long gone.But all the events of that time have been talked about to death,so I won't recap them here. As far as tape trading,filesharing is the new tape trading. No,I do not think the internet is taking anything away from black metal,if anything, it's making it better for bands to get noticed and then people can hear and decide if a band is worthy or not.

Fuck no,it's helped it in my opinion,I mean ,shit,we wouldn't be doing this interview if it weren't for the internet, I wouldn't have met some of the people I know without My Space.I think the internet is the new vehicle for the underground,the only downfall is you don't have to cram in a fucking van with four stinking band mates and drive three hours to get some minute exposure from an un wanting crowd,man,I'm hurt.

(M) Obsidian is a hard black glass that absorbs all light, rendering it completely opaque...Does this describe the traits of the band itself? In what ways?

(A)Lord Melkor...
Id say thats an accurate description. We have abstraction and opaqueness in our music for sure. we are definitely the darkness that absorbs the light. So , yes the traits of Obsidian can be described like this. Obsidian was also used as one of the first blades of primitive man...

Yeah, Id say thats a pretty damn good discription our sound and concept...

(M) Does your music reflect any specific philosophy or mythos? If so, can you explain how you incorporate these beliefs into your daily lives?

Im not sure if this will answer you question properly but I personally am into the occult and the occult sciences In fact I am a member of two major occult organizations, (occult is derived from a Greek word that means "hidden knowledge")which shall remane nameless. I like the works of Nietzsche, The Master Therion Aliester Crowley 666, Isreal Regardie, Ted Andrews, Mcgregor Mathers, etc. I use the knowledge I have gained from studying the occult sciences in all aspects of my life. So I guess to answer your question I would say my life corresponds with my music and my music corresponds with my life...

(A)Lord Melkor...
For me our music reflects the philosophy of individuality and rising above the herd and traveling your own path.The ideal of being the best at what you want to achieve spiritually and mentally. We do not create our music for losers with weak wills. As for the mythos question,we create our own mythos with our lyrics,persona's,and ideas.I incorporate my beliefs in my daily life with reaction to lame and depressing and often pathetic modern world. We are a gateway to ancient times and past lives...


(M) Finally, I appreciate you taking the time to complete this interview for the USBMS. Congratulations on your first full length, and best of luck to you in the future.
Do you have any parting words you'd like spoken to the gathered Black Masses set before you?

(A)Lord Melkor and Cerberus...
Yes,we have a new album entitled "Centuries Long Dead"coming out this[April 2008].Look out for it.Thanx for the interview and intelligent questions.Dark regards from Lord Melkor and Cerberus...





First of all, how long have you been involved in the Black Metal scene prior to the conception of Hordes of the Morning

T.I. - Prior to the inception of HOTMS, my artistic endeavors had never included direct involvement with a Black Metal scene. I have always considered Black Metal as one of the greatest musical endeavors that an artist can embark upon. Yet, it had never manifested itself in my creations to notable degree before the last year.

T.E. - I've been a devoted listener for more than a decade, but was never really "involved" in the scene.

2. Does there happen to be anyone else who perhaps plays with you during live shows, such as session musicians, or is this completely conceived by yourselves only? And what is the significance of the pseudonyms T.I. and T.E.

T.I. - We have yet to exhibit the music we create before an audience. Although nothing is certain at this point and time, studio musicians may play a role in our live line-up. As for T.I, it stands for "The Inquisitor." When we recorded our first EP, TORTURE, I chose that pseudonym to represent the angst for persecution against the whole of my "enemy". With the recording of THRONE, "The Inquisitor" has become meaningless and T.I. is simply used to identify myself. To view the world from The Throne, one must release any meaning attached to the perception of the world before oneself. As I had said before, this path is a musical endeavor. In any artistic endeavor, the artist is changed by their art, and with this growth, the next evolution of the artist manifests.

T.E. - T.E. stands for The Executioner, a pseudonym which represents the Stoic figure who understands that, sometimes, in order to grow as a human, one must experience what it is like to be truly inhuman. Similarly, the name is irrelevant now, and is simply a referential title.

3. I notice that you consider your music Nihilistic Black Art.
What is the basis for this statement? And do you consider yourselves Nihilists?

T.I. - My consideration of our music as Nihilistic Black Art has simply arisen from the growth inspired by our first EP and the art that manifested in the creation and recording of our second EP. A Nihilistic perspective is a window into the music of HOTMS at this point. As for myself. I do not consider myself to be a Nihilist, but I do embrace many basic principles involved with Nihilism.

T.E. - We use the term "nihilistic" to describe the music on a very literal level: it is "nothing" art. Art with the purpose of reducing everything to nothing, art created by humans who will eventually become nothing, art which will eventually become nothing. It has no association with any ideological movement. I don't consider myself to be a nihilist, or anything else.

You have stated on your profile that this is "Black Metal that recalls the misanthropy and anti-social attitude of the
early masters.
" What early influences have you included within the structure of your art? And what bands have you looked up to?

T.I. - It is hard for me to consider artists such as Marduk, Dark Funeral, Mayhem, Dissection, Burzum, etc.
as direct
influences included within the structure of our art. I believe the similarities between HOTMS and "the early masters" are rooted within the black flame. Being able to see eye to eye with some of the artists I have mentioned has reflected in our own music. Respect is paid where respect is due, but I do not consider myself to be someone who "looks up" to anyone.

T.E. - The most influential albums for me are Mayhem's "Deathcrush", Emperor's "In the Nightside Eclipse", and Darkthrone's "A Blaze in the Northern Sky." Other seminal albums are Bethlehem's "Dictius Te Necare", Hecate Enthroned's "The Slaughter of Innocence", Thergothon's "Stream From the Heavens" and Beherit's "Drawing Down the Moon.

5. I want to talk for a second about your sound. Your style is very grim and profound.
Is this something that you were going for from the beginning? Or did it just happen to initiate itself?

T.I. - The sound is a result of the elements in our lives and experiences which lead us to create HOTMS. Our style is something that exists without premeditation.

T.E. - It is the sound of existential nothingness, of unbearable frustration and rage, of hatred and alienation, and of absolute Defiance.

6. I see that you have not signed to a label as of yet.
Any labels yet in your sights? Have you been in contact with any
promising ones?

T.I. - Up until this point, we have released our music on our own D.I.Y.
Label, "Pray For Death Productions," but we are
currently seeking a label to release a new full length album and possibly a label to release a vinyl featuring the music off of the first two EPs. We will always have "those labels" in mind which we believe will suit HOTMS the best, but after having a couple of offers fall through, we are open to anyone who is willing to work with us for our full length album.

7. I want to inquire upon your thoughts about U.S.B.M. What in your opinion is the main difference, if any, between U.S.B.M. and other forms? Do you believe the U.S.
is gaining ground compared to the rest? And is it getting better?

T.I. - Regional location of artists has in the past been a deciding factor in the styles of Black Metal, but with the advent of the internet and its massive global reach, Black Metal has become mundane and at times, uninteresting. I would hate to call some of the Black Metal I hear unoriginal, but it it just that. Artists have become conflicted with the purpose of the "Black Metal Band" leaving the art to suffer on a global scale. I can only hope that the situation will improve.

8. I want to go into your composition.
How do you go about your process? What does your lyrical content consist of? Is it a group effort or do you switch on and off between musical and lyrical duties?

T.I. - The writing process is simple. We collaborate to write the music. After reflecting upon the music we write lyrics which reflect our interpretation and the message we aim to deliver. When recording, we split the vocal duties in a manner which suits the particular piece.

T.E. - The lyrics are visceral snapshots of Apocalypse, Devastation, and Disease. The lyrics are usually minimal, because a lot of the thoughts and ideas that we put into the music lose their authority and clarity when they are transcribed into the written word. It's like trying to fit a triangular key into a square lock sometimes. Ideas and language are not necessarily always harmonious.

9. You have a very understandable idea of what Black Metal is to you as stated on your profile.
Do you believe that more
bands of today are leaning toward this concept or leaning away? How do you feel your art stacks against other acts claiming to be going back to the roots?

T.I. - From a superficial perspective, as I do not personally know very many Black Metal artists, many new bands are just that, new bands, "claiming to go back to the roots" because they have not a path of their own to build, or at least yet.
Since I do not consider music a competition I cannot assess how our art "stacks against other acts," but our message and intentions are clear and strong. I do not see this clarity and strength in many bands today.

T.E. - To me, the most authentic music is that which is painful, and most of the bands today are afraid of being vulnerable, afraid of experiencing pain.

10. I see you are from San Antonio, TX.
Is there a big Black Metal scene there? Any bands from there that you perform with?

T.I. - Since we have yet to play any shows with HOTMS, I cannot do any justice to the scene that may or may not exist for true Black Metal in San Antonio. To be blunt about it, as a part of other musical projects, I have grown extremely disgusted with the state of music in this city and this is one of my many driving forces behind HOTMS.

T.E. - I don't know much about the local scene, nor do I care.

Do you happen to have any upcoming shows we should know about?

T.I. - At the moment no. Once shows are scheduled, we will announce them on our website

12. You are currently in works for a full length album.
Any sneak peeks on what it may sound like? When it should be out?

T.I. - 2/3 of the album is currently written. Once it is finished, we will begin recording and probably post samples on our MySpace page. As for the expected release date, that issue lies dependent of our label situation by the conclusion of recording. We are hoping an early spring release, but like I said, that depends on our ability to find a label.

T.E. - The new material is more violent, more haunting, and more bleak than anything we have composed before.

Now talking about your recording, where did you record your two EPs, Torture and Throne? How long were the recording
T.I. - We recorded our first two EPs at T.E.'s home. The sessions for both EP's took place in the span of 3-5 days each.

What, in your opinion, is the best outlet that you have utilized that has given you the most benefit in fan base with
Hordes of the Morning Star?

T.I. - As cliche as it is, MySpace. It has proven to be an very effective tool for worldwide exposure to our art.

Any last words or statements before we finish up?

T.I. - Defy all. You are a prisoner of your own ignorance and nothing more. Information is liberation.
Hail The Black Flame!
T.E. - Question everything.

For band info and contact visit



Tuesday, November 16, 2010


USBMS Interview with Tryblith


USBMS thanks Tryblith for their time
Interview done by Loki Astoroth 

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the band for those that have never heard of you

The Band was more or less started in late 2009, with me and Helvete growing tired of the modern bullshit "metal" scene. we were in a band called Inherited for a few years, and it went on temporary hiatus due to the other members being busy with things. Perfectly understandable things, but it was a hiatus nonetheless.... Him and I basically got back together and jammed in his room, and made some really feeble shit... after awhile, we met an individual by the name of Josh McElfresh, who had previously worked in Bringers of Disease, Nolgorith, and Totuus, some other excellent Black Metal bands from around the Area. after
drinking with him and jamming, and witnessing his superior bass skills, he was immediately
asked to join. and we added a friend of mine, Demogorgon, previously from inherited, for
some live ambiance as well. we will have our first clandestine ritual on the 20th of this month.

2. How would you describe your musical sound?

ambient, raw, pagan, black war to blaspheme the weakling white light. a mixture between an
old-school beherit-esque finnish war-metal sound, and an atmospheric ambient onslaught. our
newer sound leaning more towards the former and worshiping the ancient ones, such as
blasphemy, beherit, impaled nazarene, archgoat, and our older sound leaning more towards
skagos and wolves in the throne room.

3. What are some of the lyrical subjects that the band explores with the music?

Hatred for existence, destruction of the self through purifying cathartic spiritual
mutilation, spiritual desecration of the innermost reaches of the mind, war against reality
in all its forms, and corrupting and ultimately destroying the white light within the human
psyche, and therefore finding truth and penultimate freedom of the self.

4. What is the meaning and inspiration behind the band's name?

The name was created by me, It's part of my heritage and our ideologies at the same time.
it's Welsh for "Chaos" or "War", if that clears anything up.

5. What are some of the best shows that the band has played so far and how would you
describe your stage performance?

Our band has not played live yet, and we wont very often. as i said, they're clandestine
rituals in which few will probably ever partake. Our first show will be held on November 20,
2010, in Springfield. It will be held at nightfall, and will consist probably of alot of
bloodshed and war, warpaint, mutilation, an overall aural assault that will desecrate and
pervert the audience's souls.

6. I know that one of the members runs the Ohio BMWA chapter, how has that worked out so

That would be me, Havik, with Helvete as my right-hand man, and it is working out very well.

7. How has your music been received so far by black metal fans worldwide?

I have no idea, and i really don't care. I know we have a small, dedicated following, and
that's what matters. Thats what we want, not screaming 14-year-old fans. fuck that. i don't
care what most people think whatsoever. we make the music for us, not for others.


8. Are there any side projects besides this band, or is this a full time group?

 There's actually a ridiculous amount of side-projects. it's pretty much a full-time
group,but we're involved with bands from almost every genre. me and helvete are also
involved with Subhuman Scum, this grind core thing we've been doing for years, and
Iconoclasm, this brutal/technical death metal band we've been doing for awhile, and of
course Inherited. Josh is involved with alot of Black Metal, and Helvete is involved in alot
of underground punk.

9. What direction do you see the music heading into during the future?

I see our tribe growing in numbers and our war waging stronger.

10. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music, and also what are
you listening to nowadays?

personally, im influenced by more True American bands like Black Witchery, Krieg,
Profanatica, Havohej, Demoncy, and Vomit Ritual, as well as old Beherit, Sarcofago, Archgoat
and all that. I know Helvete is influenced in more ambient aspects as far as his guitar-
playing goes.
I've been listening to alot of war metal and old-school black/death metal recently. and i
know Helvete has been listening to alot of old-school punk and crust, as of late.

11. What forms of Occultism or Satanism, does the band follow?

I follow a more traditional form of Paganism, mixed with alot of darker aspects and chaos
magic influences. And Helvete is more of a spiritual/occult satanist.

12. Outside of music what are some of your interests?

Well, I love sex, if that counts.


12. Any final words or thoughts before we close this interview?

Thank you for your time. Infernal Hails to Suedomza, Cheif Christkiller, Troll, and the rest
of the BMWA Elite! Infernal War Hails to Enoonmai, Foul Stench, Darkness Undying (RIP), and Atral Projections. Desecrate the Holy!

For band info contact



AVSTANDv2.jpg Avstand v1 image by ApocryphaAbbadon

 USBMS interview with Norway's Avstand
 Done by Noose.

(NOOSE) First off , Hailz! and thank you for the time. I have been following your works and im honored for the interview.

(ANTI) Thank you. This is my first interview so far of my about one year long career. I am exited to see what you can throw at me

(N) Lets start by introducing your self to readers who might not have heard of AVSTAND. Also What are your duty's in the band?

(A) My goals in Avstand has always been to make music, I want to make, creating a child of my own and get out the artist in me. I went to a art school for 3 years but found out that I could not get all my expressions and points of view out that way. so i went to another school for about 6 months to learn how to play bass. The lyrics and the "image" of Avstand is pure negativity in many ways. Hate against religions and human kind are some of them. I use many metaphors in my lyrics too so the reader/listener can interpret it the way they want. My goal is not to make the most extreme music. But MY music

(N) At what age did you attend these schools? What did you major in Art? Did these experiences transfer into the music of Avstand?

(A) I went to the art school when I was 15-16 years old. Is a kind of high school in Norway. after 2 years I took a year off and learned to play bass and came back to the art school to finish the 3 years education. The inspiration I had when I painted did move over to my music in many ways yes. Music has always inspired me. It was just a matter of time before I started making my own music I was 18 when I went to the other school to learn how to play bass guitar.

(N) I would like to ask how and where you grew up at? What type of environment do you come from? and did any of this impact how you think today?

(A) I grew up in 3 places you can say. First in a small city called sandefjord where I lived to I was 8. Then I lived some years on the countryside of the oldest city in Norway, Tønsberg where I spent much time playing in the woods there. Finally, when I was around 12-13 years old I moved to the place I live now. Between tønsberg and sandefjord. A little town with farms all around. I do not think how and where I grew up has so much to do with me making this kind of music. I actually did not know what Black Metal where before I was 15, and then it hit me like a fucking bolt of lightening and I knew that this was my kind of music at that very moment I heard it the first time.


(N) Give us the quick history of Avstand, the creation of the band and How you started up?

(A) Avstand started with me simply wanting to play guitar and the urge for making music. And one day I bought my guitar and sat down and played. And here I am today, making the music I want. I started up with a one track cassette player just to make some riffs. And now I have a whole home studio with a band recording from next week

(N) Well you have some excellent promo pictures. who came up with the concept. who was the photographer? Were they taken at one of thee farm houses?

(A) Funny story. I wanted to have some new pics on myspace as the old ones where not very good, and called a good friend of mine, NidGrim of svartahrid, Lucid fear and Thermal pulse, and we went to the woods of sandefjord nearby where he lived on the countryside and had a good time doing the makeup and taking the pictures. We spent the whole day and to be one of the best days in my life. Had a good time stopping by the supermarket buying a coke after the session with all the makeup and blood all over me,
he he he... people did look you can say.

(N) Your Myspace profile quote reads "A world without jews, Christians and Muslims" Elaborate on how this message reflects the music of avstand?

(A) I Don..t like them. I hate it all. Fuck them. I hope someone soon takes up a torch and lit them all on fire. They are all living in a lie and force others to live by the same rules as they do. We are not supposed to live by a book. Its just a fairy-tail like Harry Potter and Lord of the rings. Bedtime stories are what they are.

 (N) HaHa, so i take it, shock is the usual look that bands get from the people in your town? How do people react to shows at venues? Does Avstand play live?

(A) Well. I don't do any live shows, and I have no plans for it in the future either. I don't know to many people in this town anymore really. Many of my old friend ditched me after growing long hair and started listen to metal. I was no longer good enough for them you know. But I don't give a fuck. I have the friends and contacts I need to be satisfied. I was actually denied coming to a party on this Saturday when the only friend I have left here asked if I could come. It just says everything about them. I just grabbed my guitar and worked on my latest song.

(N) Online it Seems Avstand is known for the song Muhammad. When you created this song im sure you were aware of the backlash it might cause by followers of ISLAM, How have you taken the criticism thus far? Did the bashing on the blog comments even slightly affect Avstand?

(A) When I wrote that song some newspapers in Denmark and Norway printed pictures of muhammed and in the middle east they burned embassies and the flags of Norway and Denmark. I was aware of the consequences and that is the reason I wrote it actually. I wanted to see how long time it took before some Muslim reacted, it took a few days. I was pissed and it still inspires me of writing lyrics. All the shit I have gotten on the blog has only been positive for me. it all went just the way I wanted it to go. unless the racism I have been charged for. Its not a song abut race, but religion. Why should the Christians have all the fun?

(N) Let me here your views on these religion matters? what affects do you feel they have towards you as an individual?

(A) The school I learned to play bass was a Christian school and they where more concerned about learning us about jesus than play guitar. I feel sorry for them in some ways. I think Christianity, jews and Muslims are poor and sad creatures to believe in bedtime stories. I think that the Christians have got plenty of shit thrown at them trough Black Metal, and that is great, they forced our ancestors to believe in their god or else they where killed. So when we get back on them with music and church burning its only fair. What comes around goes around. But its about time someone take the time and effort to tell the scene that the jews and Muslims are just as fucked up religions as Christianity. I did not know it was a christian school until I came up there so I decided to stay.I quit the Christian school after 6 months. I could not take it anymore. They made me sick.
they could not see anything, they where all blind.


(N) Are there any specific aspects in life that inspired the music of Avstand? What special practices do you take before creating music?

(A) I guess its much of the locked up rage I build up inside of me. I am a pretty rough guitar player you might say in some ways, I play hard. the way I am warming up is some times I de-tune the guitar to a drop c (i usually tune mu guitar in d, g, c and so on) and when I jam for my self the music usually just pops up. And If I like what I hear I spend time on getting it together until I got a whole song. Difficult to say how I get inspired, there is a so large spectra when I create But the music of burzum, gorgoroth and endstille are great are one of my biggest sources of inspiration musically

(N) Many people scoff when they see bands list the BM bands of old such as (DARKTHRONE and BURZUM) as their influences. Explain how these bands impacted you as a person and as a musician? Also what other forms or genres of music inspire you?

Burzum is one of my largest inspiration sources and was one the first BM I heard. Burzum Had THE most impact on me in the beginning of making music. I don't get so much inspiration from darkthone actually. But Gorgoroth and Burzum is nowadays where I get inspiration when I listen to music. Under the sign of hell is not my absolute favorite from Gorgoroth. But it is the album where I get the most inspiration from that band When it comes to newer music I think Endstille from germany is a treasure people should lend their ears to. They have some songs that make me shiver down my spine and I get much inspiration from them as well.
But much of my inspiration comes from the thin air you could say.

(N) Tell me about the goals for the band? What message if any are you trying to convey to the world through the sounds of Avstand?

(A) My goal has always been to release a album as a signed band before I die. he he, a little cliché maybe. But I just want to make music and if people like it that is just a big bonus for me. I have gotten tremendous amount of support on myspace and if it wasn't for them I would not be anywhere now. Having actual fans liking my music inspires me to make more and more.

(N) Where do you practice and rehearse? Whats the typical creation process of Avstands music? Is there any specific reason that you have chosen to handle all of the musical duties for Avstand?

(A) I don..t like making music in the place we rehearse. All my music is created when I am alone and play guitar at night for the most. So I will probably be a studio guy for a long while. I also make much of mu music experimenting in Logic. I dont want anybody to interfere in my music, that is why I have chosen that I should be the only one making music.

(N) Explain the Avstand recording process. I see you list your own company, Grotta recordings. How did this come about and how has it work out so far? Do you use the latest recording technology's?

(A) Yes, it all started up with a one track cassette player as mentioned earlier and got more and more advanced gear as time passed on. I use a Mac with Logic Pro 8 and some sound cards and other stuff the readers don..t care about knowing I guess. I have a band booked now and we start recording the guitars in the next couple of weeks. I use a boss gt pro guitar processor for my sound to be at the Avstand album

(N) You spoke of Endstille's music giving you a shiver down your spine when you here it. The music of Avstand has a very dark and depressive aura to it as well which brings me the same feeling. What sort of mind set were you in when creating these songs?

(A) Yes, Avstand IS dark music. It has always been that way. It represents me in all ways. Its very different from song to song, but it all comes out naturally for me. I don't struggle to get dark music, When I first start on one song I have an Idea in my head on what the next riff will be. And dark, depressive and aggressive tunes lies in my fingers when I play,its just my style of playing guitar. I think many people struggle alot with them selves trying to hard making those "killer" riffs. But it all needs to come out natural, you cannot change who you are.

(N) How do you perceive Black Metal in your life, what are you ideals toward it, and does it affect you as a person?

(A) I don't sit down saying to my self, "hey, now I'm going to make a black metal song!" I don't think that I am going to make a BM song at all. I just do it you might say. Just pick up the guitar and play you know. The lyrics of each and every song is more a state of mind that the music in some ways. I consider my self some kind of a poet when I am writing my lyrics. They represent me at that time, and how I feel about the world today. It don't affect me as a person, I AM that person. I'm not avstand when playing guitar and someone else when I'm not. I am avstand and I am anti all the time. I'm not running in the streets and say fuck you to everyone. I am a nice and polite young man who don't need to tell everybody what I think all day. I respect people for their opinions, but I have my opinions of my own but don't have a urge to tell it in the face of everybody. I keep most of my opinions for my self from people who do not understand Black metal. Let them think and mean what the fuck they want. I wont bother most of them in person but take it out in my music.

(N) I commend you for you answer. Honesty about your real life outside of the Corpse paint is rare today. Every one is concerned with image and reputation. What percentage of BM bands these days do you feel are all hype?

(A) Black Metal has grown from a infant to a grown man you may say. I think its foolish to hate Dimmu Borgir because they have made it. Its a trend to hate them for being big and achieved their dream. I think black metal will only grow bigger and on the way we will always gain some posers who only listen to Darkthrone to be a rebel when their 16 and hate their parents. But they will not stay in the scene for a long while. Metal and rock is in your heart and will follow you to the grave if you really like it. Sure there will always be some hyped bands, but the underground with the ones with metal close to their heart will stay. So in that way it will only be bigger I think

(N) I then i must ask somewhat of the cliche question. what do you think of today's face of BM? Do you see it as a long lasting genre of music


(A) Yes, Definitely. It has only grown and I don't think it will loose any followers soon. People are realizing that we live in a fake world where most of its population still think in 2008 that the earth is only 6000 years old. Black metal is real and kick the quacks in the balls. How many priests haven't been busted on raping small children? No fuck me sideways, open your eyes. And more and more people do as the internet gives them the information to see the world we live in today. its disgusting. The world is disgusting
and that is the driving force of many BM artists me among them.

(N) Avstand is and will be a force to be reckoned with in the future of Black Metal. Are there any final words or announcements you would like to add before we finish?

(A) Stay tuned for the forthcoming Avstand album, Guess Whats Burning... To be recorded this summer.

(N) I want to thank Anti of Avstand for the interview. and wish him grimmest hailz on his upcoming campaigns

 (A) thanks for the interview then.