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Interview with Nazarene Decomposing (Germany)

USBMS Interview with Nazarene Decomposing
Interviewer NOOSE(Daemon Black)


I would like to start of by thanking Nazarene Decomposing for taking the time for this interview.

(NOOSE) Lets start by asking where Nazarene Decomposing is from? And what was the driving force behind starting the band?

(ND) Nazarene Decomposing was founded in Passau/Bavaria/Germania, a fucking
sleepy town, nothing is ever gonna happen. The driving force behind starting the band
was to drink vast amounts of beer, to listen to true satanic Blackmetal and kick Pagan
and Gothic Shit heads ass!

(NOOSE) Can you introduce the band member’s names where they are from and how they became to play in Nazarene Decomposing?

(ND) Judas: Betrayal to Jesus. Is a synonym of the anti-Christian attitude.
Goatlord: The synonym for all evil against Christianity.
Sanguinarius: Is Latin for "bloodthirsty".thirsty for the blood of pagan/Gothic shit heads.
St. Napalm: No comment!

(NOOSE) For Black Metal fans from the U.S who have not heard your music before, how would you define your sound to them? And what can the audience expect from one of your live shows?

(ND) True and fast satanic Black metal which creates feelings like freezing to death in
a grim cold, stormy winter night. No fucking keyboards, no fucking female vocals!
The audience can expect a live show like angry, ass-fuck, which speaks to every sense
of your body!

(NOOSE) Where did the name Nazarene Decomposing come from? And what inspired the band to use this name? Does it have a significant meaning at all to the band?

(ND) The name Nazarene Decomposing was inspired by great Havohej’s song of the
same name, because the lyrics reflect our individual attitudes the best way!


(NOOSE) Who created the band logo and demo artwork? You also have a band website. Has this helped the band out by spreading your music on the Internet?

(ND) The logo and cover-artwork was created by Goatlord. The regular homepage
didn’t help us very much, but also existing "Myspace-site" was very useful for

(NOOSE) What do Nazarene Decomposing’s lyrics deal with? And what inspirations are used in creating Nazarene Decomposing music? Does your country’s heritage contribute at all in the creation of your music?

(ND) Lyrics against all Christianity, Anti-Mankind! Vast amounts of beer, pussies and
fucking Old school Black metal. 666!!! According to our slogan, a big fuck off to all
Gothic and Pagan Shit heads!
The pagan heritage at our country was fucked up by those stupid motherfuckers,
therefore we don’t want to take part in this fucking movement and praise the gods our
own way!

(NOOSE) Tell me more about the live performance you guys did at the Zeughaus? Did it help expand Nazarene Decomposing audience? Also shed some light on "The Arsenal". Is this a local club were u can here metal bands (Black, Death, Thrash)?

(ND) The gig at the Zeughaus was no concert in the true sense of the word, because there were only special people who were invited by the band members because of the release of the demo. Just a fucking CD-release-party! The Zeughaus is the only place to go in Passau to listen to Metal-concerts, but
only few times in the year!

(NOOSE) What is the Black Metal Scene like where you are from? Is their support for local metal acts? How is Black Metal perceived there?

(ND) Fucking dead!!! Just Pagan and Gothic Shit heads! No support, fuck ANTIFA!!!

(NOOSE) I want to ask about the recording sessions. You state that they were created in a "rehearsal room on two stormy winter nights in December". Did this particular setting contribute to raw and blasphemous sound you have in your songs?

(ND) The true story: 5 (Ancient Blasphemic Tyrant didn’t participated in the recording)
drunk guys, 50 liters of beer, 5 bottles of spirits in the rehearsal room of the band and
snow as high as man! So in special way this conditions contributed to this raw and
blasphemous sound!

(NOOSE) "A big fuck off to all Gothic and pagan shit heads! " Is what’s stated in the heading on your profile? Explain to me more of your views on this matter? Do you feel that Gothic and Paganism take away the authenticity of the Black Metal scene, which has always been about WAR, DESTRUCTION, and SATAN?

(ND) Pagan and Gothic movement infiltrated the spirit of satanic Black metal and led
it to fucking gay-girlie-sound! Those movement and its attitudes don’t belong to our
traditional views how Black metal has to sound like! And therefore we want to bring
back the true Black metal-spirit of War, Destruction and Satan!

(NOOSE) I see that Nazarene Decomposing has had a pretty solid line up in its existence. Aside from the additions of Goatlord, Judas and the release of Ancient Blasphemic Tyrant, the band has stayed with the same members. What contributed to these decisions? And has this helped Nazarene Decomposing focus more on creating the music rather then spending wasteful time searching for members?

(ND) The actual instrumentation is perfect! Every member plays a part in the songwriting and created by his own special influence the sound of Nazarene Decomposing!

(NOOSE) Explain what the tracks "Demonic Night’ and "Honourful Times" are about?

(ND) Demonic Night (first song): It’s the night were we have risen from our graves to
spread the word of Satan the first time!
Honourfull times: Praising the spirit of the old veins of Blackmetal, of Nihilism,
Satan and thirst for blood!

(NOOSE) Are there any other releases besides the Nazarene Decomposing demo? And are there new releases planned for the future?

(ND) There are no other releases existing except the "ND-Demo".
A tape release with songs "Melodic way" which don’t fit to our previous release,
but we found worthy to record will be released soon (self produced).
A (Split) EP with well known brutal sound like the first recording is going to be
released in the future.

(NOOSE) Is the band currently looking for a label to release your music? Also have any labels shown interest in the band thus far? How do you feel about this subject? Is Nazarene Decomposing something that will stay strictly underground? Or would the band sign to a big label to gain a wider audience?

(ND) ND is currently not looking for a label, but if someone is interested one can
contact us at "nazarene-decomposing@gmx.de" No big, commercial labels wanted! Forever underground!


(NOOSE) Before we finish up, is there any thing else you would like to address about Nazarene Decomposing and its future?

 (ND) Keep looking on our website for new info!

(NOOSE) Thank you for the interview. This was a great opportunity to learn more about Nazarene Decomposing.

For Contact of Nazarene Decomposing visit


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