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1- Please introduce yourself and give a brief history ( or long one! ) of
' Teutoburg Forest ' ..........

Teutoburg Forest is one mans expression, as he treads the Left Hand Path. Born during September of 2006. Originally created by Donn and Kriegner as a true LHP project, but due to a pitiful conurbation from Kriegner, Donn decided to continue Teut as a solo project, preforming all instrumental roles. Producing the first album (Chao ab Ordo) by Easter 2007. Donn then created Teuts second album (Anti-Subhuman Scum) during the summer of 2007. Deciding that it was time to take the project live, Donn began recruiting sessions members, and between march-may of 2008 Teut performed various shows around the north west (of the UK). During this time the third album (Cult of the Individual) was produced and soon after the fourth (Scarification) by the end Easter 2008. Since May Teut has returned to a solo project once more and is currently working on new material.

2-What inspires you to create music ? What is the main force behind
' Teutoburg Forest ' ?

 Antinomian emotions. My utter detest for cosmos, humanity and the bastard gods.

3 - How would you classify your style ?

I would have to classify Teut as Black Metal, but not for its sound. Many class black metal via an image or sound, but BM is much more. BM is a mindset, a way of life. It is truly Left Hand Path (Satanic) music because it is the opposite of the orthodox music. When bands start playing untuned, off chord riffs, with a vocalist that just screams, and play simply from the heart (or the self in the case of true satanic music) it was saying fuck you to established conception of music. It is rebelling. In many ways its very similar to the punk movement before it which was trying to do the same, with the 'sex pistols' where johny rotten couldn't sing, and sid vicious couldn't play the bass. And they sung of anti establishment/royalty (which was very offensive to the general public then) Its more than music, its a idea, its emotion, which if you think about it, is what music is designed to be, an expression of emotion. Not a piece that you can tap your foot to and say 'this is pleasant', true music makes you cry, want to stand up and hit the person next to you, it creates such a powerful sense of being, that one cannot control ones own emotions. So You could see BM as one of the highest forms of music, but not in the sense of these arrogant subhumans, who deem music to be notes, and chords. If an individual can only portray emotion via means taught to him, then they are not his/her emotions. They are the persons who created those chords are they not? therefore that individual is not a creative, but one who reproduced what others have created before him/her because it is apparently pleasing to the majority, they have not the skill (or the courage) to create their own sense of portraying personal creativity. Yes it may sound like another before them, but if they did not know of that other, then it is still their creation, because they are all made of the same clay, so similarities may occur, but at least it would be of their expression, and not consciously repetition. That is why the concept of Christian BM is so hilarious. They see BM as a style of music, a sound and image where the philosophy behind it can be changed. Christianity is that of the Right Hand Path, and so worships order, and stagnation. BM is a the opposer and an expression of the self which knows not the lie of light. So what are they opposing? the natural order which they worship? Though it seems that they have more right to sing about hating humanity and slaughtering millions, because thats what they have done have they not? but still, there can never be RHP BM, for BM is a LHP expression in its nature. I have always seen the opposition in this reality, always looking at existence from many prospectives to find its true light (or as I have found shadow). And so I create BM, Though I did not set out to sound like any existing bands, I created from the self and BM was the result, for BM is the greatest form ''music'' that expresses anti-cosmic emotion, it is the greatest form of rebellion. I do not know how to play any of the instruments (in an orthodox manner) I have never learned a chord, scale, drum beat. Everything that is Teutoburg Forest was born form the self, and so is free from any form of restriction, not a regurgitation of another perspective of what sounds pleasant to the ear, but a true sound of Kaos (freedom)

4- Take us into your creative process.... How do you create your art from an idea to a completed song ?

 I pick up the guitar play until I found a riff that makes me either shudder in fear, cry with pain, tremble with anger and I will play that riff many times over. If it still produces the same emotion after hours of playing, as it did when first strung, then I place it in a teut song. You must understand that every note of teut is of pure emotion, it comes from the depth of the self. Its not designed to be technically pleasing (which is see as a way of restricting the flow of creativity/freedom of self). Once the guitar structure is put down, then its drums, bass and vocals are last. Though the instruments go through the same process as the guitar, the vox is much more spontaneous i.e. for the song 'As the ego dissolves' that was one take, without any rehearsals, and that is the vocal track you hear on the final product. Such expressions of the self can not be rehearsed. The vocals for teut are very similar to the utterance of baneful magic, where the strength of the emotion is the key component to the ritual, not the perfect memorization of a sequence and pronunciation of words. and seeing the main force behind teut is my detest for cosmos/ humanity that I apply the means of cursing it/you all in the production of this music.

5 - Any new material you are working on ? Any live shows coming up ?

 The fifth album is underway, but do to my commitments to other projects and other elements in my life, it may be a while before the fifth is released, though I must say what is produced so far is the greatest expression of self to date. There are no live shows planned for the future.

6- Share with us a little about your first gig ... What did it feel like to reveal your art to the world for the first time ?? How was your music received ?

 Teuts first gig was outstanding. It was my first with any form of band. So obviously nervous, but it was well planned. I was flanked by two six foot inverted crucifixes with personal symbols carved and burnt into them. There was only two of us, me (guitar and vox) and Lord (drums). I wanted to keep it small, because this was an expression of the individuals self, and so the fewer the number, the more representative of the nature of the band. With an eery intro and a small basement filled with smoke and candles, I walked on the stage, lit the crucifixes and with two six foot cross burning either side of me I screamed 'Hail Azerate' and the performance began. The gig was received very well described by kriegner as 'violently grym' and by others as 'that is how black metal should be''. Though These were flattering remarks, I didn't feel that teut was being portrayed in the manner that I wished live. This style of music is best in listened to on your own. Its an individuals expression, and so should be on a one on one basis, and that's why I chose to revert Teut back to a none giging project.

7- Any message behind the music ?? Do you include your personal beliefs and life experiences into your music ??

 Absolutely. This is an individuals expression whilst walking the LHP. It is extremely anti-cosmic yet esoteric. Ones progression on his/her path is only of consequence to the individual. As explained by the song 'Prodesse Quam Conspici' (to do good rather than be conspicuous) show that the good can only be attained for yourself and for yourself, to produce actions to noticed by others is a sign of personal inability to achieve self content . If you need to prove to others to get a sense of achievement, then you are pathetic. You only need yourself seeing that you are the one who created the reality that you perceive, and its only you who can destroy the restrictions placed there, by you. The LHP is a lonely path, but that of the elite (who wants to be in company of slave). And so yes there are many messages and meanings behind teut, but only for me to know, for it is of no consequence for others to.

8 - Tell us a little about your logo and band name ?? Who came up with the name ' Teutoburg Forest ' and the design for the logo ?

 The name derives from the battle of Teutoburg Forest in Teutoburg Forest (Germania) in 9 c.e. where three roman legions under the command of Publius Quinctilius Varus were massacred by an alliance of Germanic tribes led by Arminius. This set the boundary of the roman empires expansion into northern Europe. If we apply this in a anti-cosmic sense, then we can see the Romans as the forces of order, and the Germanic (barbarians) as the forces of chaos (freedom) (pre-order). Order attempted to destroy freedom, yet they were defeated and were eventually destroyed by what they once tried to subdue. This could be seen as the bastard gods attempt to control chaos but failed and so they created the universe to escape the wrath of freedom, but eventually it will fall. So the universe which each of us creates can be destroyed via the self, and in doing so will return to chaos (freedom).
The logo was designed by Donn and like everything else he does, its full of messages. You may notice the two inverted crucifixes at the base, the number two is very significant since 1 and 10 is cosmic, 2 and 11 are anti-cosmic (2 made up of 1+1=11 and being of universe B, B being 2) the number two also symbolizes the mother and father of chaos (Tiamat and Absu) destroying cosmos (represented by inverting of the crucified jesus christ) which can be affiliated with cosmic order (seeing that the right hand path is the worship of cosmos and the bastard gods). The inverted pentagram in the center of the logo represents the central focus of the project being that of individual progression via the LHP and an expression of the self which is hidden deep within the unconscious (so if this logo was to be seen from the side, it would be a cone where the central pentagram would be at the base, hidden away from the light created to blind us). You may notice the whole logo makes up a inverted triangle. Each point representing the three dark veils (tohu, bohu, chasek) which lead the individual back to Primal Chaos (suggesting that through this project Donn is attempting to open paths to return to ain sof). And the gap of the top is left so that when I wear the Teut T-shirt, the inverted pentagram I wear can sit within the logo on my chest (you've got to take that sort of thing into account).

9 - You have mentioned other projects .... Can you share a little with us about what you have been up to ?

 I am currently participating in many projects of my own and with other people.
There's 'Torch of Darkness' which I play drums, guitar, bass and preform vox for with Nahmaid (from New Zeland) on guitar. This is my second major project (after teut) and is again another black metal band seeing that it is created from the self, and not trying to sound like any other project. Though in it we do cover a buzum and von song, this was the first time I have covered any others music, and i dare say it will be the last. This project has received much positive feedback and the full length album recanting the tale of Cain is already underway.
I preform vocals for 'Rape of Orchis' a project created by a great musician called chris, now in London (UK). This has a great theme, taken from the story of orchis from Greek mythology. Basically he tried to rape a priestess and was killed for his lust. This project is a great mixture of black and generic metal, and it should be going live soon.
Another project which I preform vocals for is 'Uncle Ghost' created by Chirs Hendrick from liverpool (UK). This band is heavily inspired by annal nathrakh, so incorporating grind core with black metal. Very interesting and challenging to apply vox to though I am very happy with the outcome. Chris is an outstanding composer.
Another project from the creator of 'Uncle Ghost' is 'ShulkSkull' which is much more black metal and the new material sounds heavily influenced from the USBM scene, sounding very Xasthurish. I preform vocals for this project and look forward to seeing the the final outcome.
I will be preforming live guitar for an esoteric project called 'Abyssian Desolation'. This is a true LHP project and Im very excited to be part of a project other than my own that has strong religious content associated to it.
Another project that may take for named 'Wanderer' from Norwich (UK) which is an ambient/ down tempo project. I have been asked to preform guitar and bass for this which I am looking forward to seeing that i truly love ambient music.
Other than these cooperative projects. I have many other solo projects under way including a death metal, grind core, dance music, doom, and a truly emotional project called 'Love' (purely instrumental) which I don't know how to describe. The reason for so many projects is that one project is not enough to sustain the flow of free creation. It is limitless and so many variations of sound are created, which are channeled into various projects. All of these personal projects will be posted soon.

10 - How is the BM scene in your area ? Fan base ??

 I wouldn't know much of the BM scene around my area, for I live a hermetical existence up in the hills of Wales. Though I know of a few who like BM (maybe 2 people). So you could say its very good here. I detest metalers, whom are very pretentious. Its seems that the more bands you know the more metal you are. and so if you don't know the scene underground bands then you are not a true metaler. I will tell you now I do not know that many bands, I don't spend my time looking for others, I use it to produce my own music (that's why im apart of so many projects). And if I were to have a conversation with one of these metaler, they would look down at me simply because I don't know the bands he/she on about. If all you have to be proud of is the knowledge of other people achievements, then you are a subhuman, be proud of the achievements you have attained IE for a metaler's boast about the bands you have produced, not the ones you heard cause zero tolerance told you it was good.

11 - What is your opinion of the U.S. BM scene ??

 Talking about scenes, U.S.B.M seems to be hitting the nail on the head. Bands like xasthur, leviathan etc are examples of what an individual can attain. Malefic is extremely anti metal society because he realized it full of pricks. And yet he is producing some of the most emotional music in the metal world. Same with Wrest. It shows the strength of the individual if one has the will. Not only these infamous projects, but what I have heard of the very underground (ie myspace) U.S.B.M it is outstanding. Personally I think the U.S artist are making some of the best BM in the world, but as I said before, its got nothing to do with the fact they are American, they are individuals who happen to live there.

12-What does the future hold for ' Teutoburg Forest ' ? Long term goals ?? Hopes ?

 Teut will continue until I choose to end this cosmic existence. My goals and hopes are simply to continue expressing the self via art. so expect many more albums to come.


13- Anything else you would like to share? please feel free to do so....!

 I would like to explain the term 'Elitist, Satanic, Anti-Cosmic Black Metal'. Many have asked if I am a white supremacist simply because of the term Elitist. I would like to clarify this statement. I use the term Elitist to explain that there is an elite within existence, not due to race or religion, but of individuals. If all you have to be proud of is the color of your skin or the faith you were born into then you obviously have achieved nothing with your life to be personally proud of, and must really on others achievements to feel a sense of pride within yourself. The same with national pride. Why are people proud of the fact that their country has done well at lets say the word cup? did they actually take part in the game? did they achieve anything? no, they are so pathetic they must leech off the coattails of those with the strength to achieve their dreams. These people are subhumans. The elite are those who use their will to attain the goals they themselves set out in life. Im not here to tell you to change your life, because of what consequence is it to me if you do anything with your life? this is what I live by.
The term satanic is a simplification of the Left Hand Path, seeing that even without the creation of Christianity and the term Satan, satanism (the LHP) would still exist.
Anti-Cosmic because this is the true branch of satanism, not a false like the church of Satan. The church of Satan worships carnal desire, pleasures of the flash. The flesh was the creation of the bastard gods to worship them. In worshiping the carnal self, one is worshiping the universe we exist within and so worshiping the light of lie that the bastard gods put in front of us. They take pleasure in the universe, therefor are the enemy of satan/lucifer/ chaos. For how can one be satisfied within this realm of restriction? I am never content or never will be with the restrictions set upon me. I will destroy cosmos and return to freedom!
Black Metal simply because it is an expression of true emotion (as described previously in the interview).
Hail Azerate

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