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Interview with Elathan


USBMS would like to thanks Elathan for this interview
Interview done by: Loki

1.Can you give us an update on what is going on with the band these days?

After the release of our first Album “Sotnemal Led Res”, we presented our work in many places through gigs, interviews, reviews, etc..., it received a great welcome from different countries; concretely from Turkey, Russia, France... Now, we're preparing our following gigs with our promoter; after it, we'll enter to studio to release our second Album in 2014.

2. You have a new album coming out in 2014, can you tell us a little bit more about it, and what direction will the music be heading into?

Our upcoming album will follow the direction of “Sotnemal Led Res” but it will be more dynamic com-positionally. It'll be more neoclassical influenced, and will has more tracks than our last work. It'll also has a little more instrumental complexity; it's all we can tell you about our upcoming work; we don't want to make too much spoiler hahahah.


3. You describe your musical style as being epic depressive black metal, can you tell us a little bit more about that label? and how it differs from typical depressive black metal style?


To understand the rapport between these two concepts; we'll divide the two concepts as individual ideas:
What make our style “Depressive” are the compositions, of course, but especially, the lyrics.
What make our style also “Epic”, are the com-positive entrances of all the different parts of our songs. These are composed in minor tonalities, but with some harmonic arrangements that fills the atmospheres of our melodies; and makes it sounds powerful (or at least, it's what we pretend hahaha).


4. What are some of the lyrical topics and subjects that the band explores with its music?

The subject matter of our songs lyric puts special stress upon the misery of human existence in the mystery of death. And the thin line that separates life, we try to reflect and explore the human psyche and their most hidden facets; sometimes pathetic, sometimes inspired in our own personal experiences.

5. You guy write and perform some songs backwards, do you feel this gives the music a lot more originality?

Perhaps this will give a touch of originality to our music, but the motivation to write and sing our songs backwards is to get that, who really wants to get our message has to make an effort to understand it, so be understood for who he really is interested in.

6. Explain the meaning and inspiration behind the band name?

The name comes from Celtic mythology, Elathan is the demon king of the Formorians.

7.What are some of the best shows that the band has played so far and how would you describe your stage performance?

We think one of our best shows is one what we did in Igualada, Spain. There were a great amount of audience. Also our gig in “A Ultranza Metal Fest I”. We describe our performance as a typical and classic black metal band performance. There's not a lot of secrets about it in our case hahaha.


8. Do you have any touring or shows plans for the future?


Precisely we are working in it, there will be occasion to see us at different dates that we are closing, along to the next months across the country, and hope to soon also abroad other countries!

9. Currently you are unsigned, are you looking for a label or have received any interest from any labels?

As well you say, for now we are not with any record label, spite of having received certain offers, but we would be interested in joining some label that will offer favorable conditions to both sides, ahead of the publication of our next album.

10. On a worldwide level how has the feedback been to your music by fans of depressive black metal?

Internationally, is being pretty good in the black metal underground circles, can 't say that's especially from the depressive crowd only, but rather of a general public in the black metal.

11. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music and also what are you listening to nowadays?

We can name bands like Windir, Burzum... but at fact; our music is more influenced by other styles out of Metal; some like Classical for example.


12.Outside of music what are some of your interests?


Outside of music? hm... it's difficult for us to give a response to this question, basically cause Music is our most important interest on our lives. But we can maybe say that to travel (concretely to forests) and video games are our second most important interests.

13. Any final words or thoughts before we wrap up this interview?

First; Thanks to USBMS for the interest to make with us this interview; and for your support.
And thanks to our fans and their support too!

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Interview with Abduction



USBMS would like to thank Abduction for thier time
Interview done by: Sarah Chiovitti

1. Hi Guillaume, I've been listening to your EP Heights' Shivers and I must say I'm quite impressed. Tell us a little bit about the concept. Was there any reason behind the songs' order on this EP?
 Thank you very much for your interest! Well, only a part of the musical
concept of Abduction is present on this EP, even if there is a general
thematic in the artwork, based on the first song « Height’s Shivers ». «
Spacewalk » is more related to misanthropy while « Banquet For Another
Dead World » deals with the last dinner of an illuminated sect. In fact,
the songs’ order follows a musical logic more than a real concept. About
our music, I like to describe it as giving an important part to melodies
and clean breaks and trying to approach deep feelings like fear,
melancholia, doubt, rage and all the emotions a human being could seek
during his existence in order to escape the vacuity of his own
existence. The band’s inspiration principally comes from French History,
French landscapes and varied atmospheres that this country provides.

 2. The album art is quite interesting and from what I've read it seems to tell a story from front to back depicting the modernization of society. Can you tell us that story in more detail? 
Indeed, the visual is a triptych, three pictures that stick in one. The
cover shows a wilderness view, this moment in the end of the XIXth
century when man was still really close to nature. Inside the booklet
you can see the industrial city that begins to grow and gloomy clouds
rising up. The back finally shows the invention of railroad, launching a
new era of urbanization. Therefore, the first and third pictures are
totally opposed while the second one shows the breaking between these
two eras. All these pictures are a vision of the epic piece « Height’s
Shivers ». Our purpose is not to criticize anything, send an ecological
message or whatever… This is just a tribute to a decisive phase of
French history that fascinates us greatly. 

3. The last track, Modern Times, is a piano improvisation. What inspired you to create such a beautiful piece and how do you think its vulnerability affects the album?
I don’t precisely remember what inspired me when I played it, but the
atmosphere of this track is very autumnal according to me, so I’m pretty
sure I’ve recorded it during an Autumn evening, probably in 2005 or
2006. After listening to it, the previous singer of the band, Guillaume
Roquette, convinced me that it would be a great idea to put this
improvisation on the record. The playing is not perfect, there are some
hesitations, but this is the interest of an improvisation: the snapshot
of a moment, an emotion. We first thought that we should rerecord the
track but finally we’ve decided to keep the true atmosphere of the

4. Nature and wilderness are strong themes in your music. Describe your band's connection to nature. Is there a certain location you like to visit for inspiration?
Nature is an important theme, but not the main one in Abduction’s
music. We are more interested in French History in general. Plenty of
historical locations or country’s landscapes inspire me when I write
music, it can be a city full of Historical memories like Versailles
(where I live) or Paris, but also some places which are closer to
nature, like many French villages, forests, shores or mountains. I can
also write about a memory, a feeling, depending on the weather outside
or on my life at that moment. It’s frequently very hard to tell
precisely the origins of inspiration, because most of the time music is
just pure feeling and emotion. Sometimes, I can’t really explain how an
idea is coming to life when I’m playing it on my guitar… but I always
know that it totally comes from me, my heart and brain, my vision of
life and my own sensations.

5. History is another theme mentioned. How has history influenced your music?
We are basically fascinated by the richness and complexity of our
artistic and politic History, it also shows us where our roots are (and
sadly, this is something French people are too often leaving aside
nowadays). The reign of Louis XIV, during the XVIIth century, is a great
example of how inspirational and great French arts were, back in these
times of glory, the charisma of this king also made France shining over
the world. Same with tragic moments like assassination of Louis XVI,
during French Revolution in XVIIIth century, his grandeur and his
dignity when he was facing hatred and death is a strong inspiration for

 6. Your music is described as death/black metal, was this originally your goal?
 Not really, we just knew that we would play some dark metal, we are
generally interested by darkness and gloomy atmospheres but we’re simply
listening to the music that lies in our hearts, putting notes on strong
feelings that we could express with nothing but music.

 7. I'm aware that a few of your band members have been involved in other musical projects. Was this your first project or have you been involved in other bands? 

Abduction is my first real project, and will always remain the main
one. I just played keyboards in a heavy metal band when I was in high
school, but I left it after a few months. I’m also playing live guitar
for an amazing French doom metal band named Angellore, led by two close
friends of mine, including Abduction’s singer François. I also wrote
music for his personal project called Betray-Ed. But these are
exceptions, I’m not really interested in creating or playing music
outside of Abduction, simply because everything I want to do is already
included within this project.

8. Music is very much open to interpretation and I believe that everyone hears music in a very different way. What is Abduction to you and what do you hope listeners hear when your music is played? 

Abduction contains all the musical emotions I’m looking for, it allows
me to express many things words are incapable to describe. Everything
that constitutes the band is much related to our four different
personalities. I hope listeners will travel through a very strong and
emotional journey and find a rich and varied mix of melancholy and
power. I hate Manichaeism, that’s why I love music that is constantly
mixing violence and melody, despair and hope, chaos and melancholy at
the same time, like did the almighty Dissection from Sweden.

9. With the departure of vocalist Guillaume Roquette and the arrival of new vocalist François Blanc, your band's sound must have changed. Has the change in vocals swayed the musical direction at all? 

This is something I can not really tell for now, cause we’re starting
the vocal recording process next week! But I must say we are very
confident, there’s no doubt that François is a really talented singer,
and the most important thing is that he is truly passionate about music
and feels Abduction’s personality in the same way than we do. His vocal
range is also a little bit larger than Guillaume’s one, this means that
we will be able to try different vocal lines on the album. Guillaume is
also a great and powerful singer, and he’ll sing with François on one
track of the album.

10. The band's bassist Mathieu Taverne is the mind behind the lyrics. What's your favorite lyric he has written? 

Indeed, after long discussions about lyrical themes and feelings we
wanted to express, Mathieu put his words on the music, he is really
talented to express feelings in a very poetical and literary way.
According to me, the best lyrics he has ever written at this point are
the ones for the song « Les Frissons Des Cimes », a new tune which will
appear on the first album (we’ve finally decided to write every single
word of our titles and lyrics in French). I’m really looking forward to
release this album that took more than two years to achieve, we’re about
to record the vocal lines and last guitar additions within the next
months, then we’ll have to go through the processes of mixing and
mastering, we hope to release the album before summer 2014.

11. As for Abductions live performances, do you incorporate many visual elements or is it all about the music? 
We haven’t started to play live yet, but the visual elements will
surely be very important. We are not looking for a bombastic staging
because the music should always remain the main purpose of a show,
however it’s important to immerse the audience in our universe, we want
people to travel through a musical and visual journey. For this purpose,
we may try to use some videos, drapes, special lights and objects
related to French history, to create the true atmosphere that can help
to sublime the music.

12. What is the best format for music distribution in your opinion? Are you a collector of vinyl? Will Abduction ever release their material on vinyl? 

Vinyl, definitely! I love this format, its pure and authentic sound,
and the fact that it brings cover art into highlights… You can be sure
that we will release our material on this format because we’ve already
decided that our first album will be released on vinyl first. Anyway,
the CD support is nearly dead in 2013, while the vinyl is reaching for a
new life…

13. You've been working on your first studio album for a couple years now, can you tell us what the process has been like and what your listeners should expect from it? 

The process was a real pain in the ass, due to a lot of technical
issues and agenda difficulties, this is why it took two years to record
this album. Also, we will rather take our time to be sure to be 100%
satisfied, sometimes some ideas - even some very simple and secondary
ones - need a lot of time to grow up and reach maturity. Listeners
should expect a complex, varied and atmospheric black metal release. Our
identity is also clearer than on the EP/demo, cause we learned a lot
during this first recording process and the new songs were basically
written before the release of this EP. Some of them are five years old
or more and the second album is already basically written (the cover art
is also ready) but it takes a lot of times to do things the best way we
can and we’ll never make a rush on anything. I guess the result will
worth the wait!

14. Thank you so much for your time, is there anything else you'd like to say to the readers? 
Thank you very much for your interest and support, this is really
motivating for us while we’re trying to make the most authentic and
honest music we can!

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Interview with The Negation


                 USBMS would like to the thank The Negation for their time.
                 Interview done by: Daemon Black

1. lets start this interview off by having you introducing us to the current members of  The Negation and their roles in the band?


THE NEGATION was formed in 2012 by Thanatoath and Agarash, the current line up is:
ASA : Vocals

Thanatoath : Lead Guitars

Nesh Keltorn : Rhythm Guitars

Agarash : Bass

Alex : Drums (session)


 2. The band got started in 2012, But you guys are not new to the Black Metal scene, can you explain what the driving force was behind forming The Negation, and how did it all come about?


Agarash : THE NEGATION was formed in 2012 on the ashes of a band called Halphas. We decided to create an ambitious and radical band with devoted and motivated musicians only. So, first we decided to record our 8 titles demo in pretty good quality then to contact experimented musicians of the Parisian black metal scene who would be fan of our music. To play in THE NEGATION, musicians must be : gifted, passionate and ambitious. We don’t want to waste our time with people who don’t know exactly what they want.

ASA and Nesh play already in Azziard and Alex played in a band called Borgia (RIP).


3. Since all of the current members have been part of other bands, was there a challenge of getting everyone's different musical styles in-sync to form The Negation's sound?


Agarash : Not really, we all love black metal(BM) and are open minded people. We have a common goal : to play well on stage, deliver uncommon shows and record the music we like.


4. Your music is very cold and aggressive, with in your face blast beats played with conviction, Is this the original direction you guys wanted to go with the sound? and what message are you guys expressing to the world through your music?

Agarash : Our message, our concept is quite complex, in fact, I am not someone who is really optimistic, I read a lot (history, economics, anthropology, physics …) and I think deeply that our world will soon collapse like in an end of  cycle process.

_ 2e world war ended nearly 70 years ago and people who experienced it have disappeared. Their wisdom has died with them. Our elites are definitively become unwise and unreasonable, they are ideological and corrupted.

_ Multiples political and economical tensions exist : China vs Japan, China vs USA, Muslim vs USA, China vs India etc.

_ Economic situation will surely continues to decline because of lack of fundamental research, because of aging of occidental population, because of rarefaction of mining and energy resources. The consequences on the social situation would be immediate.

_ The financial crisis (in peculiar the so called sub primes crisis) is absolutely not resolved. Banks are totally unable to finance real projects but just able to aspire money produced. Our multiples and colossal debts can not be no more paid by common means. The situation seems to be under control because of liquidity injections but for how many months ?

This situation is unstable …

So, our concept is based on these observations of these complex and interactive facts : we have to be lucid and responsible : we have to control and moreover to dominate our destiny.

In opposition, many people even educated don’t seem to understand how our society truly works, they just want to be fed and distracted, just like children, they are chained in a way (CF CD cover).

"THE NEGATION is opposed to those who do not have lucidity, those who submit to ideologies and religious dogmas, those who do not dare to face the truth because they are weak or ignorant.
THE NEGATION is opposed to those who deny or avoid the cold and immaterial law of reality."

"The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays, is coming to its close. In its place we are entering a period of consequences."
Sir Winston CHURCHILL, Speech in the House of Commons, November 12, 1936

Thanatoath : Our music is the sound of this end of cycle: either reflecting our despite  and opposition to these unlucid people or expressing our depressive and unhealthy feelings as we are also part of this decadent humanity.



5. This question pertains to how you guys construct the musical compositions, are the lyrics written first or do they follow after the music is completed?

Agarash : We definitely write and arrange the music first.


6. The Negation band logo artwork is quite intricate, not your typical Black Metal logo. Can you tell us Who designed it and came up with the concept?

Thanatoath :  Somnyum, a brilliant artist from Paris, designed it ( .


7. For the 2012 release of "Paths of Obedience " you guys used a drum machine for the recording, but use real a drummer for live performances,. what was the reason behind this and will a drum machine or drummer be used for future releases?

Agarash : We didn’t meet the right person before the recording, good drummers are pretty rare and I suppose you live the same situation in the US. Then “Paths of Obedience” was really well welcomed and hallow us to recruit skilled musicians.



8. As of now you guys are an independent band and not signed to a label. do you happen to be in contact with any at this time? and what is your preference in the matter of self releasing as opposed to releasing through a label?

Agarash : We are currently negotiating with several labels in order to have a strong and reliable promotion. I hope the contract will be signed soon.


9. You guys perform live in full corpse paint. can you give us your opinion on the importance of atmosphere in Black Metal? do you feel wearing corpse paint honors the original spirit of Black Metal in any way?

Agarash : We are definitely convinced by the importance of the visual effect. This is a show and all aspects able to touch the audience must be used.

Our concept, described above, is serious and for sure will become real, we are no more revolting teenagers. Moreover, we want to prove it live. That’s why our concerts can be seen as nihilist and radical.

About the corpse paint, we find them aesthetic and impressive. It’s also a sign to explain our respect and sense of belonging to the BM community.


10. How are crowd turnouts at shows for you guys, and how is the support for Black Metal in France? do you have any opinions on the current state of Black Metal in Europe, as opposed to the U.S. and other parts of the world?

Agarash : Metal in France remains really underground, this music in general is absolutely not diffused on major media (TV and radio) excepted the Hellfest festival which is grotesquely over publicized. Metal heads are generally considered has joyful simple minded people like old teenagers drinking poor beers and howling “Ahhhhh”. But, guess, we don’t care.

The problem for me is the fact that metal head are getting older and younger people don’t seem to be interested in. The metal scene has trouble to regenerate in a way.

For me, BM IS sinister, radical and evil. For me, some culture seems to have a more important death wish (German culture is a good example) and I think it matches better with the BM spirit. Unlike, English people have a really sense of humor and I find their BM generally quite ridiculous.

I didn’t have the opportunity to go the US since 1994, but I think US people are rather more optimist than European people (due to 2 world war on our lands), that’s why perhaps I generally prefer European BM.


11. Is the band writing any new material at the this time? and what does The Negation have in store for the up coming year?


Agarash : Yes, we actually compose for the second album for 2014. We will also shoot a video clip at the end of this month. Many dates in France are already programmed and we will tour with MOONREICH next year. So, the band is quite active and this is the most important.



12. Are there any final words about The Negation that need to be said before we finish up this interview?

Agarash : Read, discuss, observe our world and take the time to think about …

Thanatoath :  Prepare yourself to go back to reality.

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The Negation Metal | Paris, FR


Interview with Acarus Sarcopt

                   USBMS would like to thank Acarus Sarcopt for their time.
                     Interview done by Daemon Black

1. I would like to begin with having you give us a bit of history on the band for those readers that have never heard of you before, also on how Acarus Sarcopt came into existence?

Acarus Sarcopt was created in 2003 on the ruins of L'Ombre Du Saccage after the departure of Thomas C, and Mathieu G. totally involved into their project called Asmodée. Then, Remi was looking for some new partners in crime and Mickael and I joined the band. Before the recording of The First Day With No Sun, our former drummer Matthieu passed away, and Pascal left the band. Well the present line-up is

: Remi, guitars – Aymeric, guitars – Fred, drums – Mickael, bass – and I, Serge, vocals.

2. How would you describe the musical sound of Acarus Sarcopt and what are some of the lyrical topics and concepts that your music explores?

At the beginning, Acarus Sarcopt practiced  melodic black metal in the vein of Dissection, Emperor or Enslaved. After some years playing black metal, we had a violent need to express our Death Metal roots so we start to write some stuff into this way. The main topics we deal with are misanthropy, end of the world, revolt, and survivalism. You can write about an hypothetical demonology as long as you want, but the best evil will always be the human kind. In The First Day With No Sun, the track "I, The Last You'll See", is about a Palestinian resistant. The title track is inspired by "The Road" of Cormac McCarthy. "Alpha Crime" is about a copycat of Cain trying to repeat endlessly the perfect alpha crime. You can notice that all the lyrics are strongly rooted into reality because nothing smells more than a real shit.

3. This question pertains to your musical compositions. How do you begin a song? are lyrics written first or do they follow after the musical is complete?


We always follow the same pattern. Remi or Aymeric are coming with some new riffs and together we arrange these during rehearsal. I always write the lyrics after, I hardly believe that the lyrics must have a strong meaning, but Metal is music before everything else


4. Are there any bands or musical styles that have influenced your music, also do you have any influences outside of the Black / Death metal genre?


We are huge fans of 90's Death & Black Metal scene, bands like At The Gates, Enslaved, Entombed, Asphyx, Emperor, Pestilence, Death... so on,  we hardly think that the 90's were a golden era for these genres even if we are also into Doom & Heavy Metal. I speak for me, 'cause I manage the industrial noise label, Steelwork Maschine, industrial music is a big piece of my musical spectrum from Coil to Neubauten, Whitehouse, NON, and many others. Maybe you can find some aspects of this music in our music or lyrics.

5. Acarus Sarcopt is based out of France. How do you view the Black Metal scene in your country, as opposed to other countries in Europe, the U.S. or other parts of the world?

The french metal scene always suffered an inferiority complex, even during the wonderful era of Massacra, Agressor and Loudblast debut. For this reason, I think the french scene is constantly searching to sound different. When you listen to some bands like Asmodée (RIP), Havenless, Way To End, Angmar, Belenos, Withdrawn, Stille Volk, or even something less underground like Gojira … you notice they have a strong personality, trying not to sound like Scandinavian bands or US bands. This is a good point, isn't it? But, I told you that we are great fans of Death Metal and Black Metal, so we can't objectively opposed the French scene to others, especially when scenes as the Swedish or the Norwegian ones are a massive influence for us. About the north american scene, I am pretty impressed by Woods Of Ypres, Wolves in the Throne Room, Black Breath, Sleep, Earth, Absu, Nachtmystium, Agalloch... well man, you have an impressive scene.

6. It was quite a few years in between the 2 demo releases from "L'Ombre du Saccage", and 4 years until your next release "The First Day With No Sun" was finished under your new name Acarus Sarcopt. Can you give us some insight on the reason behind the name change and did it impact the way the band composed music?

Time is the enemy, this is the main reason. And the death of our former drummer. This tragedy stole us a lot of our energy, and time by the way. Remi decides to change the name of his project after the departure of two former members of L'ODS. He thought it was better to start over under a new name. But musically, AS was the continuity of L'ODS.


7. Acarus Sarcopt is currently signed to Armée de la Mort Records. How did this deal come about and how has the relationship been between you guys and the label been so far?

Shaxul who runs this label is just an awesome underground motherfucker. I think that's a great reason to sign with this kind of guy whom life is entirely dedicated to the underground extreme metal scene. I did vocals into the black metal project called Sael, and the leader Iconoclast also manages Annthennath a black metal project in which Shaxul is singing. When we were looking for a label, I didn't think too much time.
So Armée De La Mort/Legion Of Death is just a killer underground label worth checking out.


8. Can you explain a little about your live performances, how have the crowd reactions been from place to place? Also does Acarus Sarcopt have a big following of fans in your home town?

We always had a very good response from the audience. We are not a theatrical band with pyrotechnics or other stuff. But, maybe in the future, I think about some video support. I was impressed with industrial bands like Laibach for example, which use some impressive video support. We all live in very small villages, my own place has only 60 citizens. I don't like cities and the swarming noisy crowds. So by the way, the followers of our home town is close to zero.




9. I seen that AS has played the Hell'oween festival a couple times. How was this experience? and how has it helped Acarus Sarcopt to reach new ears?

The Hell'oween is an amazing festival. A lot of different bands, from Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash or Heavy. That's really interesting 'cause we are fans of different kinds of Metal. It was a great opportunity for Acarus Sarcopt to reach a new audience.

10.On a worldwide level, how do you feel the receptions been to your music in general, And what can fans expect from Acarus Sarcopt in the future?


The feedback about the first album was quite good, especially in foreign countries (not a lot in France). As I said the next album of Acarus Sarcopt will be a massive assault of old good Death Metal. We wanted to try that, and we are very pleased the result. But our Black Metal hunger is still there, and that's quite obvious we will mix the both genres.

11. Before we conclude this interview are there any final words you like to add?

A massive thank you for this interview and maybe one day we will have the pleasure to spread our music on your stages.

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