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Lady Nott and The United States Black Metal Sect would like to thank Carnage and Shitstorm of Nekro Morphosis for taking the time to respond to this interview
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1.) Can you give me a brief history of Nekro Morphosis?
Carnage: It started around the year 2000 as a solo project of mine, mainly because I didn't know anyone else at the time that was into extreme metal. It remained a solo project until late 2007 when the first full lineup came together. There have been lineup issues ever since late 2008, we're now on our 2nd drummer (Guldrelokk) and 3rd bassist (Shitstorm) but I really think this curse is finally over, this is the strongest and most talented lineup we've ever had. I should probably also mention releases. In 2008 we released our first demo cd. Early 2009 we released a mp3 download only rehearsal album with the original lineup titled "The Dead Year". In mid-2009 we released our first full length titled "Chaosatanica". In October of 2009 we released a split cd with fellow washington black metal band Drakul titled "Split From the Clit". We had a limited to 25 hand-numbered copies live cd that came out early 2010 called "Seattle Fistfuck Massacre". Then in 2010 we recorded a demo of one song for our upcoming album, threw a couple songs from the split on there and gave them away for free at our shows.
 2.) How did you come up with the name Nekro Morphosis and what does it mean?
Carnage: I came up with that name back in high school, I really don't remember exactly how but basically it means what the two words mean just thrown together, changing into the dead, a zombie type thing.
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3.) Would you say that the Washington metal scene is thriving?
Carnage: Oh yeah! There are a lot of great bands and amazing talent here, there are people that have been at it for 20 years without stopping and there's also a ton of fresh new bands popping up. Some of my personal favorite locals are: Ceremonial Castings, Scorched-Earth, Inquisition, Drawn And Quartered, Skinwalker, Skelator, Phlegethon (our bassists other band), Sol Negro, Drakul, Slutvomit, Tasty Gore, Shaded Enmity, Gravenloch & Sacrament Ov Impurity. There's almost always at least one good show every week either national or local, so I can't complain much.
4.) Who designs your cover art and logo? What significance does it have?
Carnage: My friend Chris Tabor from Digital Defiant Studios did our logo, we were just chatting online one day and he kept sending me updates about every 3 minutes or so while working on our logo then all of a sudden he said "ok this is it!" and sent the final one and I was just immediately blown away.
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5.) Does your music reflect your own ideologies? In what ways?
Carnage: Of course! Otherwise I wouldn't be doing it. To me it reflects my disgust with religion, and portrays a very aggressive and evil feeling.
Shitstorm: No, I like vikings.
  6.) Where do you draw inspiration from for your lyrics?
Carnage: I would say just life experiences, sometimes I'll wander out in the middle of the night to a graveyard, sometimes just sit by the water and stare, I think mainly solitude and nature is what mainly inspires me to write lyrics.
Shitstorm: The riffs, or just thinking of a badass lyric and creating an entire story off of that.
7.) What other bands have you performed with, and what is a typical live show like?
Carnage: I personally haven't been in any other bands that are really worth mentioning but our bass player is also in Phlegethon and our drummer is in Unhaulted Genocide, Blood Etchings & Incrypted. Our typical live show almost always consists of my mic stand which has bullets, chains and nails welded on it, our 4 foot inverted cross wrapped in barbed wire and just a lot of raw energy. You can check out some live videos here: http://www.youtube.com/nekromorphosis
Shitstorm: Like Carnage said, I'm in phlegethon right now, but my first band was Die By Day, then i was in Wretched Funeral for a stint, and when i was in LA i was in a band called Sonic Turd... oops, I mean Sonic Terror. Live, I'm just a whirlwind of hair.
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8.) Do you believe true black metal only exists in the countries where it originated from?
Carnage: No I don't, although I give them massive respect for creating it, I don't think it's limited to just those countries. I've heard bands from other countries that do it even better!
Shitstorm: No. to say that is bull shit in my opinion. I don't understand why that only happens in Black Metal either, you never hear about death metal bands not being considered true cause they're not from florida, or Heavy Metal bands not being considered true cause they aren't from England. Elitist thinking like that only divides the genre. Then bands that are awesome, but not true, end up not getting the respect they deserve.
9.) What are your thoughts on the Black Metal scene as a whole in the United States?
Carnage: I think it's pretty good, there's a ton of US black metal bands that I love, although I think from what I've seen it's just little pockets of scenes spread out, I think most of the US black metal bands are either unable to tour or can't afford to, which keeps a lot of them just local and underground. Overall though I think the US has a great black metal scene.
Shitstorm: Agreed, it is very underground right now, the only US black metal band i can think of that has made it some what big is Lightning Swords of Death, but there are many more US Black Metal bands that deserve what they have been bestowed with.
10.) What can listeners be expecting from Nekro Morphosis in the near future?
Carnage: We're currently finishing up the writing for our next album that will be titled "The Death of Morality" that should be released sometime in early 2011, this one is going to blow away everything we've done before! We're also throwing around ideas for a more intense stage show. Also there are plans for at least a west coast tour next summer. Thanks for the interview! Support the underground! 
-Nekro Morphosis

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