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Lady Nott and the United States Black Metal Sect would like to thank Bishop of Hexen and their vocalist Lord Koder for taking the time to respond to this interview. 

Lord Koder: Bishop of Hexen" was formed in late 1994 early 1995. After a few line-up changes, the band started working on its material, in a more intensive and professional direction  form. In the beginning of December 1995, "Bishop of Hexen" entered the studios to record its debut demo tape: "Ancient Hymns of Legends Lore", it saw light in the breaking of the New Year, at January 1996. The demo tape got extremely good response from the world wide underground metal scene, and was completely sold out at 450 copies. Numerous record labels where interested in signing the band for a record deal and finally "Bishop of Hexen" signed with "Hammer Heart productions" for its first album. In July 1996 the band entered the studios once again and released its full length album masterpiece in April 1997, entitled: "Archives of an Enchanted Philosophy", presenting 8 tracks of the most emotional atmosphere  melodic black-metal art ever released.

In 2005 after a few years of industrial silence the band released a promo intended for distribution amongst record labels entitled: “unveil the curtain of sanity” . In The following year (2006)”the nightmarish compositions” -  the band`s third full length album was released and yet again won extremely good  response in the world wide metal scene .The album was chosen by many mag. Editors of one of the promising albums of that year.The success of the album and its quality was noticed by the video games colossus “electronic arts” which chose to include two songs from “nightmarish” along with many other top league artists in the famous playstation game. “brutal legend” .Currently BOH are working on a new concept album.
(so much for the brief history… hehe )

2.) How did you come up with the name Bishop of Hexen and what does it mean?

Lord Koder: "Bishop of Hexen" has based all of its work thus far, both musically  lyrically, according to an ancient legendary concept, which is, in oppose to countless other concepts used by metal bands, an original one which was written by the band itself. the legends` theme portraits the journey of the main character from being a simple peasant to Becoming the bishop of hexen.

3.) What is the metal scene like in Israel? Do you face any difficulties in being able to distribute your music?

Lord Koder: Actually, the black metal scene in Israel has existed from the very early days of the global black metal .never the less it is still very small in comparison to the hardcore or death metal one. This is a small but very bustling BM scene.We do not face any difficulties in distributing our music Israeli society has it all and heard it all And like any other modern country in the world – the mainstream audiences are too busy watching stupid realty shows and are not aware of anything outside their bubble.And in any case most of our fans are outside Israel.

4.) What is the general opinion of black metal in Israel?

Lord Koder: I think the above answer sums it pretty well. There`s is no general opinion about BM in Israel .

5.) Tell me about your album, “ The Nightmarish Compositions”

Lord Koder. The “The Nightmarish Compositions” was a result of a “modernization” of BOH old material actually . This was something that the band wanted to record a long time ago but didn’t get the chance due to various reasons.It was recorded in Slovenia and produced by Dali starnitsa from DBstudios – and the result is clearly professional yet intriguing. On the conceptual level of the album I shall elaborate in the next answer.


6.) What if any, are your beliefs expressed through your lyrics? What message are you trying to convey to the listener?

 Lord Koder: I think “The nightmarish compositions” album is a good example for the agenda we try to convey to the listener throughout all of BOH`s material .  This album deals with the psychological and philosophical strife that men kind as a whole faces in our mundane existence.  In ‘nightmarish” the theme is set in a different angle than the “legendry” one  We used before. And has shifted towards our interpretation of ancient scripts - including the bible. You see, being Israelis which are able to read the ancient scripts In their original language and form, we have a totally different take on the bible. Whereas the most of the Christian world perceives it to be benevolent and kind we (BOH members) see in it a lot of black witchery and find in it a lot of satanic motifs. 
(some of our lyrics are a direct interpretation of the bibles chapters).

7.) What other bands have you performed with, and what is a typical live show like?

Lord Koder: BOH has never intended to perform live . there are  a lot of reasons for this – we prefer People listening to our music on an intimate surroundings , Thus the material was never built intended for  live concerts. Maybe in the future – we shall see…

8.) Do you use live orchestration?

Lord Koder: We did partly , in the next album we intend to add more .This was always a growing trend in the genre – using orchestras and classical instruments. If there is a musical justification we will use it but it`s not a “goal” for us. We prefer using other stuff!


9.) Do you have plans to tour? If so, where?

Lord Koder: Not at the moment – generally since we live in a remote place outside Europe the cost of such an Endeavour is huge and no one picked up the tab so far …maybe you can convince our label? Hehe…

10.) What can listeners be expecting from Bishop of Hexen in the near future?

Lord Koder: We are currently working on a concept album which will totally cinematic and draped in dark atmosphere. Artistically speaking We aim to surpass “The nightmarish compositions” achievements and to create A totally new and exciting experience for BOH fans and listeners throughout the scene.

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