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Interview with Sacrilegio (Italy)


Interview with Sacrilegio
Done By Xastur USBMS

XASTUR: When was Sacrilegio formed and what inspired you to start the band?

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: "Sacrilegio" was born in the First year of the new millennium by the will of Unhuman Screamer (voice / bass) and Golgotha (drummer).In the third year, Arioch (guitar) joins the band to record the guitar tracks for the debut MCD.
In the Fourth year, Unhuman Screamer stops the project "Sacrilegio" to be the MALIGNANCE's vocalist (R.I.P.).
After two years Unhuman Screamer leaves the MALIGNANCE and brings new life to "SACRILEGIO".
The first full-lenght "La Tradizione Ermetica" born in the eight year
The inspiration came thanks to the passion that I have to music.

XASTUR: How would you describe Sacrilegios sound?

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: I will be trivial, but I find the sound metallic, dark and with a great deal of power. Try to give power was the goal that interested me most. Certainly nothing that we can bring to Death Metal, but trying to move away from the usual sound "Black".

XASTUR: Which bands have been an influence on your music?

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: The groups that have influenced me are the usual names: Immortal, Marduk, Satyricon etc. ...
My ideas come from classical music, both sides more symphony (in La Tradizione Ermetica, La Grande Opera, Veglia Perenne and La Via Del Soffio) for the simple drawing of riff.

XASTUR: What inspirations do you draw on for your lyrics?

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: The disc is a concept on "Hermetic Tradition", an ancient doctrine focuses about alchemy, science initiatory that leads individuals to raise their own spirit as a god.

XASTUR: Names are a great reflection of the artist.
What made you choose the names Unhuman Screamer and Sacrilegio?

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: The name "Unhuman Screamer" taken from the text of my second group (Enshrined). I started my musical singing, it gives me thirteen years. "Sacrilegio" I chose him because of the texts were Mcd something similar to the novel - The 120 days of Sodom - Marchese de Sade, with direct references religion and the Christian church.

XASTUR: Tell me about the work you have released so far.

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: "La Tradizione Ermetica" is composed of nine tracks fucking Black Metal. Time quickly vomiting on the face. The parties are important symphony breath and give the listener not to have a disc boring. The item is the classic "scream" set mainly on low tone, the composition is varied tracks, the guitar easy to listen to the melody of better work riff.
It'll be little modern but I want to go straight to the point and release beasts in my brain creating a soundtrack for any man angry with the world!

XASTUR: Do you have any new releases planned?

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: No, now I want to promote the disc, in the coming weeks out reviews.

XASTUR: What is your recording process? Is it studio, D.I.
Y or a mixture of both?

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: The recordings were performed in my home studio, I used the software to the sounds of guitars, bass and drum programming of the machine. Unfortunately, the production is without money and then I had to arrange with the resources I had available.

XASTUR: There are live photos on your page.
Who are your live session musicians?

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: No, the world Sacrilegio revolves around me, then nothing concerts. The photos you have seen old concert with my past band "Malignance".

XASTUR: How are the band received live? Is there a good audience in Italy for Black Metal?

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: It 'a lot of time does not go to a concert and the turnout of more public case with the big names. For underground band perform my country remains difficult and frustrating.
A few years ago with my old band playing went out of town, the local gave us three in four pizzas a small beer and 50 euro for the expenses!

XASTUR: What is the Black Metal scene in Italy like as a whole? Are there any Black Metal bands from your country you would recommend?


UNHUMAN SCREAMER: I do not follow much the scene Black, in recent years I have withdrawn to privacy, and then not follow much the world that surrounds me. As the council Italian groups Spite Extreme Wings, Sacradis, Malfeitor and Nefarium.

XASTUR: Is there anything you would like to add?

UNHUMAN SCREAMER: Bring the Metal in the tomb! -- UNHUMAN SCREAMER --


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