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T-I'd like to start this by thanking Valdur for taking the time to do this interview. What would you say is the driving force behind creating the music of Valdur?

Blasphemy- tired of shitty music. people are afraid of being original, we want extreme, fast, brutal metal.

L.Sxuperion- ....yeah, going against the grain in all walks of our lives.....even in metal. Just working to achieve what most others are afraid to reach for, in music and in general. Not sitting around and hoping for something, but living it and making it happen with hard work and dedication. Death to all lazy, wanna-be, gluttonous parasites....

T-What does Valdur hope to accomplish with its music in todays black metal scene?

William- to crush cookie-cutter angry pandas. hail true unholy black metal.

Blasphemy- to destroy the scene! that's what it is, a fucking scene....

Thor- We choose to be the most pissed off warrior black metal the world will ever see. we will have a horde of berserker's prepared and ready for war when the time comes.

L.Sxuperion- Mercyful Fate rules!


T-What material has the band released thus far, what are you doing now, and what is in store for the future?

L.Sxuperion- two separate demos and a full length. As far as the future goes, we have several different pieces of materials that are soon to be released on larger labels that are split CD's, and then we will continue forward with the next full length release. In the meantime, we are definitely trying to get our full length more properly distributed. It would be nice to have that thing available in many different parts of the world.

T-How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music before

William- the most brutal sounds on this pitiful planet.

Blasphemy- extreme, brutal, and fast!

T-What has it been like for the band to sign to BloodyMountain Records, and do you continue to have success under this label?

Valdur- Bloodymountainrecords is a very small and independent group of individuals with whom we decided to do business with. As a band, it was a good way to make sure that we have all the power and rights to our music without giving up a single thing. We make sure that we maintain %100 control of everything we do, and Bloodymountain allows this to happen. This also means that we must work extra hard at exposing our art to those who wish to listen, insofar as the label does not have proper distribution, promotion, etc. As for now, everything is being executed as expected.

T-What would you say was the worst?best show played?

Valdur- We went on tour with lightning swords of death. It got fucking nuts... enough said. As for shitty shows.....they are long forgotten. Other killer shows include playing with Elk, Nachtmystium, etc.....fucking drunken insanity.

T-Does the band have any tours or big shows lined up?

Valdur- We are busy working on the next materials to be released. More tours/shows are being planned for after the winter.

T-What is the BM scene like in your area, and do you get support from within it?

L.Sxuperion- We live at 8000+ ft. in elevation in the eastern sierra mountain range where survival is more important than some stupid scene. We remove ourselves from any idea of a scene in order to be closer to the reality called life. I would rather a journey through the mountains than going out to the clubs and bars and attempting to be something I'm not; although I'm also not some hermit....partying and meeting people/girls has its perks....heh. But yes, we get plenty of support up here, well as lack of support from conservative, greedy church going, law abiding, impotent fuck heads. I think this goes for all of us in the band.


T-What equipment does the band use and where do you record?

William- ESP basses. carvan amps

Blasphemy- Crate amps, Schecter guitars

Thor- ESP guitars, mesa boogie amps and cabinets. as far as mic's go , whatever spit infested mic a venue has to offer.

L.Sxuperion- Pearl drums (double kick only dammit), Sabian cymbals, Iron Cobra pedals, plus other good shit. We have recorded in many different places.

T-Before we finish up the interview is there anything else you would like to say about Valdur?

Valdur- Be prepared, there is only everything to focus on for the future. The past has already come and gone, and we will not waste our time with living in a moment that has already been. We can only move forwards. We have no patience for those who wish to be left behind.


T-Thanks for the interview and wish you the best success.

Valdur- ok fucking cheers and hail satan.

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