Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Interview with Abyssal


USBMS would like to thank Abyssal for this interview

1) Can you please introduce the members of Abyssal, and tell us a bit of the history of how and when abyssal came to be.

- Guitarist Hibernus called upon Nocturnal Cunt Butcher and Lost to realize the mutual vision that is Abyssal.

2) What are some of the motivations that inspire the works of Abyssal? what is the driving force behind the band?

- We felt the need to expose certain ideas and music noncommunicable in other projects.

3. You state in your bio that ,occult ,magick and nature play apart in Abyssals lyrical theme, Can you explain a bit about how this affects the creation of the music?

- Various band members have interests in destruction, diabolism, nature, magick, balance, and misanthropy. These are all present, some way or another, in our music.

4. A demo that was released in 2013, and split tape released with the band Defiled Majesties, both pressed with 20 copies each, what was the reason behind limiting the copies of each release?

- The "Embrace the Black Mass" split was limited to 50 copies. The earlier demo was 
produced primarily for early gigs (hence its very limited supply) and will be superseded by 
future material

5. How was it working with Atramentum Productions? was there any certain choice to release the split on cassette form? does abyssal have a preference between tape, vinyl or CD form to release its music?

- Working with Atramentum Productions allows a degree of freedom. We were able to simply
concentrate on our music.

6.What is the writing process like for abyssal, is the music created first before the lyrics? or (vise- versa) and also where do you record your music at?

- Music can be written by any of the members. From there we fine tune structure together before writing lyrics. All recordings so far have been done out of the studio.

7. How has the reaction been from the black metal world concerning Abyssals music? Do certain countries seem to show more interest in the band then others?

- The reaction has been good! We've had emails from England and Italy asking for copies,
and from Canada praising our work.

8. Has Abyssal ever played live shows? What is the Black Metal or Metal scene like were your band is from,is there interest in metal there?

- We have played live and intend to do so again. The "metal" scene here is dominated by "core bands, although there is a sizable death scene. BM here is small, but has produced some incredible talent. including Nazxul, Pestilential Shadows, Wardaemonic, Erebus Enthroned, Thrall, Austere, Denouncement Pyre, Spire, Rev Kriss Hades, Drowning the Light and Crowned. Unmissable Aussie bands also include Sadistik Exekution and Portal.
9. Is Abyssal a full time band? do the members have any side projects at this time? what musical background do the members of Abyssal come from?

- Abyssal is in fact the side project of all three members.We share a member with Death Metal powerhouse Exekute, as well as two member of the Battle/Speedmetal champions Fenrir.Our remaining member is hard at work on a yet unnamed project

10. I noticed that abyssal chooses to wear corpse paint? Do you feel that wearing corpse paint is an important part of the mystique of Black Metal?

- We feel corpse paint divides us as performers from our mundane selves and allows us to truly honor the
music we create.

 11. What does abyssal have in store for 2014? do you have any other material to be released or is abyssal in the process of writing any new stuff?



- Abyssal is working on new material for an EP and will bring it to local stages when we feel it is properly complete.

12. Any final words about abyssal that you would like our readers to know before we conclude?

- Cheers for the interview. Keep an eye out for things to come.



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