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Interview with DELIRIO OCCULTO



I would like to start by thanking Delirio Occulto for their time to do this interview.

(NOOSE) -What would you say is the driving force behind creating the music of Delirio Occulto ?

Hail,I'm Nascinos, drummer and creator of the Delirio Occulto's entity. The driving forces, which helped me in composing my songs were different: perseverance and desire to give voice to that peculiar human condition we call "Delirio Occulto", present in any human being and growing day by day up to its explosion.

(NOOSE) -What does the band hope to accomplish with its music in todays black metal scene?


I think that Black Metal is nowadays influenced by everything and nothing at the same time. There are fine bands which are trying to create their own original music, moving away from usual rules and patterns, keeping up always a musical bent. We're in search of new reasons to go ahead and trying to do a good Black Metal. I think that we're doing our best to reach a larger audience.

(NOOSE) What material have you released thus far, what are you doing now, and what is in store for the future?

We're working about our new album. We have enough songs ready. On summer we would like to play a lot even at music festival, project us towards foreign Black Metal scene. We're in search of a label, which can support our new album.

(NOOSE) You guys have a couple of videos on your myspace profile. where were these recorded?

Videos that you have seen on "myspace" have been recorded at Led Zeppelin club of Catania, in occasion of our concert on 7th of mars for the Black Metal fest. We have put Morbid Agony'video,one of the songs of the new cd, which had a good impact on audience.

(NOOSE) How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music before?

Our music is ethereal and full of mystery. It is dominated by forces which reign on occult paths :a black trip, which brings you to ask yourself and thinking you about the existence and our own dying destination of this earthly life.

(NOOSE) What bands of old inspire Delirio Occulto? do you guys listen to any certain genres outside of BM?

Old Black Metal bands, which inspired our musical and vital style are Darkthrone, Burzum, Bathory. By the way we have a deeply respect for them. We're listening also other genres as thrash, doom and death metal like Schizo, Necrodeath, Slayer, Obituary, Katatonia...and more other...

(NOOSE) Your style of BM have a lot feeling to the songs. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Thank you...Inspiration comes in night hours...when listening works together with musical instinct.

(NOOSE) Do every day life events effect the creation of your music (lyrics or musical wise)?

Of course, every day life events inspire us. For the new album, Torbid(singer) and me are writing songs together. Our sensations and experiences are in tune with a perfect way.


(NOOSE) What does Delirio Occulto sing about? what are some of the themes you speak of in your music?

Our songs speak of hate, death, occult forces, which are trapped within our "occult Delirium". Also, songs speak about artefact, superficial life of a rotten world, which has to go on towards his involution, creating a society hypnotized by catholic hypocrisy.

(NOOSE) What shows has Delirio Occulto played live ? and do you have plans in the future for any shows or tours? (maybe in the u.s)

We have played for Halloween festival, at Led Zeppelin club, as recorded in videos on "myspace". On may, we're going to play in Palermo. We're waiting to be invited to play in Italy and overseas. We are concerned in your invitation too.

(NOOSE) What is the BM scene like in your area, and do you get support from within it?Do the BM bands in Italy support each other at shows?

I'm trying to give a support to Italian Black Metal scene, organizing live events at Led Zeppelin club. Italian scene is not one of the best, but I think that it's important to collaborate.. Italian underground has to grow for a long time to be compact.

(NOOSE) What equipment do you use and where do you record the music of Delirio Occulto?

We're using normal equipment to be not artificial.Our main aim is keeping a personal sound and recognize it like a trade mark.

(NOOSE) Before we finish up the interview is there anything else you would like to say?

Thanks to USBMS staff for interviewing us.
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