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Interview with Strychnine


USBMS would like to thank  Zephyrion of Strychnine for this interview
Interview done by Loki Astaroth over seen by Daemon Black

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the band and its members for those that have never heard of you guys before?

The members in Strychnine are Christopher Snider (aka Zephyrion, guitar and vocals), Erik Snider (aka. Blaspherion, drums), and Joe Schauble (aka. Priapism, Bass Guitar). Strychnine has been performing music since 2004; the band has  been on and off a power trio and a quartet.  From the beginning the foundation of the group has Christopher and Erik Snider, writing the majority of the material for the group. The first two members to join the group pre-Strychnine were Neal Getz (guitar) and Nick Winter (bass guitar). However, after renaming the group Neal and Nick would stay with the group a little while longer, only to leave because of creative differences.  After their departure, Strychnine hired Heidi Jarvis to fulfill the bass duties that were required of the group, Heidi remained with the group for several years and would leave under the same circumstances of creative differences.

 In 2008, Joe Schauble stepped up to the plate and filled in bass player position, and has been performing with Strychnine for the past 5 years, prior to playing in Strychnine Joe was playing in a rock group called OldBoy. Another member who has been with Strychnine and who has been working with other black metal groups was Douglas Camp (aka Zamiel, guitar). Douglas Camp has been with Strychnine for 2-3years, and has also been working steadily with Skinwalker, Wende, Trollesund, and Necare Deus. Strychnine has been working on refining their craft into something that will bear fruit in the future, but until that time they are still playing gigs, recording and crafting their skills.


2. How would you describe your musical sound to new listeners?

That’s a tough question…I would seriously go onto the internet and type in black metal bands and see what pops up and there would probably be the answer. I am still finding out about bands that I don’t know about and they don’t sound like anything I’ve heard of before.  I would describe our sound as American Black Metal. But those are usually two terms I don’t like putting together. Because to me, black metal is a European phenomenon, any metalhead that thinks of black metal would think of Norway and Church burnings, or Venom or Bathory. However, I have read about the influence of Sarcophagi on Norway’s Mayhem. To get back to the main question, our sound is something that we’re trying to work on and make our own, and I’m sure most bands are trying to do that to. It’s a tough process.


3. The band started out under the name "Asylum", with the musical direction being in a more rock and thrash orientated style, what was the decision behind the name change and switch in musical style?

The name and how we decided to come to use it was by accident. We had these glass cups that our grandmother gave to us as gifts to use for refreshments, but they all had names of poisons on them, hence the phrase, “name your poison”. One of the cups had Strychnine printed on it and it was my brother’s idea to use. Later I would come up with the band logo and that’s how it began. However, I have read many death related stories about this poison that have connections with popular music.

4. Your lyrics cover some Luciferian and Blasphemous themes, can you tell us a little bit more about your guys interest in those topics?

Whenever, I look at those terms I don’t think about our songs being Luciferian or Blasphemous, but if some people think they are, they are welcome to their opinions. I base the lyrics I write on what I am thinking or feeling specifically at a certain place in time. I can’t force myself to write lyrics, but when I have an idea that comes naturally, it usually fuels the next lyrical idea that comes to mind. My interest in these topics is based on a outsiders perception, however I can say that my upbringing has definitely helped in viewing these topics with a certain amount of criticism, that is to say I have a great respect and tolerance for people of all religious upbringings, I realize that what I believe in can be different from one person to the next.  *This answer can go on, so I will leave it at that.

5. Is there meaning and inspiration behind the bands name, who came up with it the name Strychnine?

In the beginning there was really no direct inspiration for the name, but over the years learning about what has happened in certain death- related accidents in relation to Strychnine, it has made it have more meaning to us over the years.


6. Can you tell me what have been some of the better shows that the band has played so far and how would you describe your stage performance?

Being a small band, we don’t have many opportunities to play big venues or do big shows. We still work hard and persevere in the fact that hard work will pay off as well as getting more people involved in our endeavors.

7. Do you guys have any tours or shows planned in the upcoming future?

We always have shows planned out, and if there are questions regarding that we will be most happy to let anyone know what we got going on.

 8. Strychnine is located in Pullman, Washington but you guys plays alot of shows in Idaho. how would you describe the difference between Idaho and Washington metalheads?

 I really don’t see any difference, really; however the atmosphere between Moscow and Pullman is drastically difference just for traveling 8 miles over the border. It seems whenever we go to Moscow the atmosphere is more relaxed.



9. Is the band still under contract with Satanica Productions, or are you guys back to being unsigned and if so will you be looking a label?

 We’re still unsigned; however, Satanica distributes the album over there in New Zealand.

10. On a worldwide level how has the feedback been to your music by fans of black and death metal?

We still get feedback from people all over the world, I just wish with all the feedback and comments we get from people that it would help get us more attention.

11. Are there any other musical [side] projects going on these days?

For awhile, my brother (Erik Snider, drums) was working with Douglas Camp in two other groups; a folk metal project called Trollesund, and a death metal project called Necare Deus.  For me, whenever I do side projects, I want to do projects that aren’t metal because when I come back and work on Strychnine, it fuels the energy I need to make more music.

12. In what direction do you see your music heading on future releases?

Actually, we’re working on a new album right now and the most important thing about this album for me is, making sure we do everything right to the best of our abilities, musicianship and recording wise.

13. Are there any bands or musical styles that have influenced your music, also what are you listening to nowadays?


I try and not to listen to metal music these days, and if I do I only listen to the stuff I grew up listening to; stuff such as Metallica, Slayer, Dimmu Borgir, Misteltein, Pantera, Darkthrone, and many more. These days I’m usually jammin’ stuff like David Allan Coe and old school country, atmospheric and electronic music, Ethnic music and Natural music. I try and listen to everything from Atmospheric to Zulu (traditional) music. Music is such a major factor in my life that, more importantly than organized religion itself, music is my religion.

14. Outside of music what are some of your guys interests?

Movies, Video games, Drinking, Working, Women etc. etc. I do occasionally like to read a book or two.

15. Thank you for your time and are there any final words or thoughts about Strychnine you would like to say before we wrap up this interview?

First and foremost, to wrap up the interview;  whenever we play music for people we make sure that people are having a good time and if not then we’re not doing our job. Strychnine, can be called a Rock N’ Roll band, a metal band or whatever. Whenever, we get together to play for people it is a celebration of life and a gathering of friends.  There is still so much that I would like to say, but can’t put into words.

Thank You USBMS for this interview, Keep on Rockin’

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