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Interview with Aybsmal Depths


USBMS would like to thank Abysmal Depths for their time.

Interview done by: Daemon Black

1. Can we start off by introducing our readers to the members of Abysmal Depths and get a little history on when and how the band got started?

-At first started as "Du Temps Perdu", in 2010 in Irapuato city (Irapuato, Guanajuato, México). In these days we were four members (Gonzalo Gb, Aquer, Necromancer and Abraham (as session drummer). We Composed five songs, which three of them were released in the split titled "Humo, cenizas y niebla"  (smoke, fog and ashes in Spanish) the main concept was focused to anti-Semitism and history...just after that split we signed with Metallic Media to get support for the next releases. After that, I (Gonzalo Gb) decided to re-structure the ideology and the main concept of the band, so the former vocalist left the project (And with him the old name and lyrics), so Abysmal Depths was born at the end of 2011.

The ideology and the lyrics are inspired by nature, misanthropy, death, anti-life, etc. Then the search for new members started, just like that came Oliver (drums), Mon (guitar), and Tortured (vocals) and like that we take to compose and record under our limited resources/economy.
"The Pain Shows in Dead Woods" was the name of our debut album with the stuff that we recorded between 2011 and 2012.
Later we started with a few live shows and in April 2013 we recruited Custos Lupus as the current bass player.

2. Lets talk about how the band name change that occurred in 2012 , has it affected the musical and lyrical style of Abysmal Depths?

-The name change was due to the departure of the former vocalist, he owns the rights of the old logo and the title of the very first three tracks. The lyrics changed completely, and got to talk about the nature, misanthropy, death, anti-life, negativity and suicide.

-The musical style didn´t change, the former vocalist wasn't involved in the music composition. Most tracks were composed by Gonzalo GB, Abraham (as session drummer) and Oliver Drums.

3. Who came up with the new band logo artwork, concept and design for it?

-The band logo was designed by Alemsahim, that guy has privileged hands! (Find him on facebook, myspace, metallum, etc, he is a beast!).
We gave him liberty to the design, just under the setpoint that it must be an original and very different concept, not just a logo but a seal, a “seal that leave a mark”,  under the main idea of an abomination of the abyss (You can see it upside down).

4. For new listeners of Abysmal Depths from the U.S, how would you describe your sound? and how does it compare to other depressive BM bands from around the world?


-In the encyclopedia Metallum we appear as a Depressive Black metal band, but we think that the sound isn't just pure depressive, we have always considered the sound more like Ambient/Black-Doom, anyway the exact genre is something irrelevant (or it can be very relevant, maybe if you buy the album expecting to hear a classic DBM like Nocturnal Depression you can get very angry hehe).

-Our style can't be compared to classic depressive black metal (Nocturnal Depression, Abyssic Hate, etc) the sound is a little bit influenced by classic black metal (like the track Visions) and not just focused on make Depressive (Track Within the negativity) we like to work on the atmospheres and ambients, we think that a good and hypnotic atmosphere it's more significant.


5. Lets talk about your 2013 release "The Pain Shows in Dead Woods". what was the concept behind the release, who did the artwork how did the recording process go?

-In "The Pain Shows in Dead Woods" we integrated the songs recorded between 2010 and 2012, in this release debut we were focused on the anti-life, suicide, and misanthropy, the recording process was with two different drummers, Abraham (Tracks 3, 5, 8-10) and Oliver (tracks 2, 4, 6), everything was home recorded at Gonzalo's home studio.

-The artwork was created by Bahrull Marta ("Abomination Imagery", find him on facebook, encyclopedia metallum, etc) The concept was inspired on a forest full of corpses and "Death's attendees" to take the souls to the Stygian lake, the inlay artwork is an edited version of "La Barca de Caronte", a painting by Spanish artist José Benlliure y Gil.

6. How has the relationship been the band and Metallic Media been? Have they helped you guys to reach new listeners?

-We signed when the split "Humo, cenizas y niebla" was released (under the name "Du temps perdu").  Without doubt, Tim (Metallic Media's Owner) has given us all the support and has been a very important part to us. He drives himself very well at the distribution all over the world, Thanks to him a lot of people in the world’s most remote places have given us feedback ( we have received feedback from Indonesia, South America, USA, Germany, etc!) without doubt we are eternally grateful to him, and we think it will be a well and long relationship.

7. What are some bands, or musical styles that have influenced you guys? do you draw any inspiration outside of the Metal genre?

-Yes, we listen and enjoy a wide variety of musical genres, but obviously the most influences are from Ambient, Atmospheric, Depressive, Doom and classic Black metal.

-Bands that have influenced us... to mention a few: Xasthur, Cryfemal, Make a change...Kill Yourself, Celestia, Mortifera (France), Near, Troglodyct, Godkiller, Nocturnal Depression, Shining, Austere, Alcest, Wedard, Strid, Agalloch, Inquisition, Estatic Fear... etc.

8. Your band bio states that "Depression and nature" play a part in the lyrical theme of Abysmal Depths, Can you explain a bit about what the lyrics mean to the band what they represent?

-Abysmal Depths profile on metallum is a little bit mistaken... or misinformed hehehe... Our lyrics aren't just about depression and nature, the lyrics as well talk about Negativity, anti-life and suicide, in fact we are more focused in the music, the lyrics play the part of a complement, but of course it still being a very important part, we try to reflect in the lyrics what the music "say to us"... a message under all the noise?
…Kill yourself!!

9. Give us a bit of insight about the creation of the music? are the lyrics written first or is the music composed prior to writing lyrics?

-In the case of the Abysmal Depths debut album the music was created at first; after the departure of the former vocalist, we used the same music (It was ours) but with new lyrics and a new performer; the tracks "Inner moment", and “He’s Dead"  were released as "Jezabel" and "Juda", respectively, when Du Temps Perdu existed.
In the rehearsal, we usually start playing ideas/riffs and suddenly we have one or two new songs.


10. Abysmal Depths is based out of Irapuato, Gto México. How do you view the Black Metal scene in México as opposed to the U.S. and other parts of the world? Also what are some of your guys personal views on Black Metal?

-In Irapuato city, the scene about Black metal has grown a lot after 2012 (Before it was practically inexistent) for now the black metal scene still being underground and very poorly understood and supported.

In this city the Death metal is priority, and the public is customary to see a gig with more "show" than music, more interested in bashing against each other than the music it self, the black metal have no future...( we hope in the future the things change for black metal in the city)

Without doubt we can't compare the Mexican metal scene to USA or the European scene.

-Labels: There are a few that actually support the underground scene ... a lot of them are more interested on be known by release works of foreign bands; and still boast of supporting the  Mexican scene.

-Music: The most bands want to be a "Trve Kult Black Metal" band, and just being the copy of the copy...

-Production: Although USA is through an "economic recession", In México we have been on it all the time, the musicians have to make too many sacrifices to reach the payment of a professional studio.

-Feedback: Most of the public is braggart, when they go to a gig, just go to support their friends's band; They claim to support the scene, just by "supporting" ( they want the albums as gift, they want to get in a gig for free, etc) their friends’s band, they just want to be "groupies". Of course there is a few people who have a real interest in the scene and support by buying the bands's, stuff but these are the very few.

11. Abysmal Depths has played a decent amount of shows.can you tell us which one has been the most memorable for the band thus far?

-Actually we have had a few live shows, unfortunately it hasn't been very well or at least like we would like...
We are working on it, we have too much to learn in how to give a satisfactory show for the public, and (specially) for us.

The most memorable show so far, to mention some, would be the one that we played in León City, go out to play in another city always represents something new to discover and learn, we think it was the best show.

12. To people who have never seen Abysmal Depths live, what could one expect from one of your shows? What kind of crowd reaction do you get from the fans?

-We are a band without scenic presence... if they are looking for a good visual show, they will be completely disappointed. To us, the most important thing is and will be ever the execution and the atmosphere of the gig.

If the public expect to rocking, headbanging and slamming, better to look for another kind of band.
-In the live shows we have played,haven’t been really crowded, so they don't react enthusiastically ( And it’s ok, after all we play a Depressive/ambient Black metal).

13. Before we conclude this interview, what does Abysmal Depths have in store for the future and are there any final words you would like to say about the band?

-On this moment we are working on a couple of splits, and on some bonus tracks for the tape format of  "The Pain Shows in Dead Woods", we hope it can be released in the in the remainder of 2013.
We expect to have ready an EP or even if it is possible, the second full length (And we hope it can be recorded at a professional studio) by the second half of 2014.

-Thanks to U.S.B.M.S for this nice interview and thank for your taking the time on these great questions! Expect some new releases soon!


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