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Done by SARA (USBMS Italy)


1) First of all, thanks for your help!

I hope that my questions will not get bored.

But no, I figured Sara, is a pleasure to talk with you.

2) Well, then tell me what happens with the "witch"?

It is everything and 'adventure began as a wild and spontaneous, but some believe it a bit less.
As in the case that after 2009 the drummer left the band for musical differences and lack of spirit, so 'temporary' s I. .. I have replaced the study session.

3) I've had your new songs! The look of the new album is really cool and the pieces they play really rotten. It seemed to me that you were skeptical of the idea at the beginning to produce new material. What happened? Do you like what came out? What can you tell me the artwork? Why this skepticism?

I thank the comments and appreciation.
In fact, it must first be interested in the combo in question and to listen as a result,
or have an interest to the scene of some kind ..
Being fanatics like .... haha, it 's true my skepticism and' due to the fact that most do not at least from my part of the scene and then I ask myself as one who makes music for himself 'cause I believe it.

What matters and 'make music or noise for themselves first and then the other .. but when a horde of fanatical royalists appreciates your work can not be more than happy' cause you feel part of an elite circle of Doom and cohesive is not 'nothing but the black underground!
...." then the work of new and cover 'was designed by Laura tenth' a friend in Sicily, the idea is 'born from one of my collage and then re-designed by her, and' the intention was to represent the states of despair and anguish in ball like that.
I think it is exit out of a work of art and above all able to better express the lyrical message.
Stench of Human Hallucinosis be abominable ... see the fact that out of the ground beneath the anguish that would crucify a cripple be nailed against the backdrop of a vortex chaos perdition,
and on the right a series of human faces and rotten "terminals" that they see their conscience crumble.

4) Ok, the most important thing. What can we expect from the new songs? What is the difference between the old and the new material? How many songs are there in this new e.p?

The new e.p. contains 6 pieces of very rough very short duration, as if they were precisely those states of altered inconcia lightning and dark.
The new songs are much more 'direct paths and more rotten than the' evil addressed
Worshipping in the Flagellator not there a ladder or an arrangement that recalls the heavy except in the beginning of Archons of Annihilation which is somewhat reminiscent of the Mist Of Fears Of Fears say previous disc precedentema just rot in obscurity.

We wanted to honor our feelings for a moment of confusion and angry
Just playing what we thought, but the sprite of psycopath witch and 'always presente.Nelle new compositions and feels at least credo.I titles of new songs are: รน

1. Involucre of Incubated Society Larvae
2. Stench of Human Hallucinosis
3.Panic Strikes
4.Hooks of Lust
5.Spasm of Hybrid Goat
6.Archons of Annihilation

5) It is not easy to get in touch with you. It is part of the way you are not wanting contact with many people? Why? Do you think the new generation of black metallers believe to be Trve while it is only appearance and lack of knowing the true spirit of black metal or metal?

The black metal and 'dead no doubt, but more' precisely to the north of the 90 European ...
The remainder of the black metal of the hot countries, at present makes it much more the 'idea of dark primordial' ..
my black metal hatred e'rivolto clones and teenagers who want to make you think again in Satanism and false in the false pose, in which local blood flows black, well in that case, I think of obligation to express their battle with black. "

6) There was talk of a mini tour with the Old Legend time last year.
It 's a possibility that we can deal with? What can you expect from your live set? Un'olocausto total and ending with a drink together?
Above all, ever happen?

Yes, maybe it would be nice, also because 'everything you wanted to do spontaneously and with enthusiasm and passion ..
I do not know if it will happen 'everything' possible in life, but for now we are still waiting for project studio like a maniac possessed and sketch that will play drums with us ...
With the Old Legend there is a relationship of honest friendship, imagine that our guitarist e'entrato now officially part of the melodic death metal band in question ..
We could not leave for more than a matter of disorganization by the guy that was to house in Spain, for eternal indecision of our old drummer for eternal indecision of our old drummer and other reasons annoying and hypocritical.

7) For two years, while
I was preparing for the work I've done and Handful of Hate,
and this same page, I studied Italian scene and found a myriad of small groups
in Sicily.

Our scene 'interesting and unique but also full of people who have the syndrome of early rock stars, there have been groups that have marked the path such Mortuary Drape, Schizo, Incinerator, Nuclear Symphony and our local punk hc .. i The Krushers, Thrash Bombz, Imposer, Bunker 66, Religio Mortis, Psycopath Witch ...
They are the levers present along with a lot other interesting groups that I am now nn appoint.
But Sicily and 'was always full of unique and creative resources that have not always yielded blasphemous to production problems and budget ....

8) I know that you sent the material to various zine Psycopathwitch ....
what were the answers? Do not you think that for the most part taste
now in the black metal case of a product in a cercto way too extreme.
I tell you because I realized that many of today's black metallers
 not have the faintest idea of who the Beherit, Sarcofago or even, in some cases, Venom ...

Well a black metallers who does not know the last group you mentioned that
the first masters of the genre you can certainly define a teenager failed ahah (nn know what you and 'lost )....
Our reviews also the more 'critical' are considerable and this 'made us very happy .. and' true that we were a bit away from the black metal in the narrow sense, precisely what I explained before and the My current idea about the black metal.

9) Yes, you told me just that ... when you died?
In 98/99 in the northern European scene.

10) Currently, I encounter a lot of bands who say they do black metal
and references are conceptually more like neo-pagan and mythological ...
is one of many trends that affect generally the supposedly dead?
On the other hand there are those who think that black metal must be satanic and blasphemous at least.
What is your point of view?

The black metal and 'anti-Christian born and will remain' forever ... word of Quorthon RIP, then from the fashions of the various neo-pagan Viking or ..
Everyone has their own faith .. let's not forget that each expert has its origins,
depends on what place is.
Makes me angry, for example, the Viking period and that apparently 'came out as a new kind ... but where were the people when they released enslaved frost or eld,
or when Hammerheart Bathory beginning of 'the barbarian genre in question?
My point of view is metaphysical e'che black metal ..
each is expressed as better it seems ..
but there 'a link between all the brothers and obscure that' the faith, roots ...

12) Where do you find inspiration for your songs? Who is to blame?

From anguish from reality 'by subncoscio
The fault, apparently, and 'only mine ....

13) What do you think the 10 best albums of all time?

 Black Sabbath-Master of Reality
 Venom - Black metal
 Bathory-Under The Sign Of Black Mark
 Masters Hammer-Ritual
 Slayer-Hell Awaits / Reign In Blood
 Mercyful Fate Nuns Have No Fun-
At least for the metal / extreme metal, then the rest listen to a lot of other things outside of questecome Only Theater of Pain Christian Death, for example ...

14) Let's go back to the witch, what happened to your old drummer?
dare has become of your old drummer?
How come there were disagreements and led to what explains the situation a bit to those who follow ...

Our old drummer and 'as completely glam rock blues say ..
the kind that we propose has the tired and did not give him good vibes
musical differences and therefore little or no interest .. were the causes of the break.

15) Ok, thank you for your time for this interview to USBMS, you want to add something else?
thank you for this opportunity '..

We are seeking a label for people seriously coivolta
in underground dark .. listen to our new ep short and chaotic ..
I think it's a real tribute to ldeath primitive metal .. for all the fanatics out of your mind aalienated ...
the dung of the human race continues ... thanks .. will CIAOOO



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